Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LEGO Liokaiser / Breastforce Team Official Page

It's been almost a month since I post new updates so I guess I start this page as a recap to my progress so far. This page will be updated frequently and extensively if I have new stuff to write about this ambitious project of mine.

About Liokaiser / Breastforce

Breastforce Team is a group of Transformers from Transformers:Victory series consisting of six robots that transform into military vehicles such a fighter jets and tanks. Each member has his own robotic beast-like minion that resides on their chests, and can be deployed /ejected  out to roam freely.

Six members of Breastforce team can combining to super robot Liokaiser as well.

Note: There are 2 more Transformers in Breastforce Team that are independent and doesn't merge with the 6 above.

Breastforce Team Members

Killbison with Bisonbreast
Guyhawk with Hawkbreast
Drillhorn with Hornbreast
Hellbat with Komoribreast
Jallguar with Jaguarbreast
Leozack with Lionabreast

... and not forgetting Deathcobra!

Super Combiner Liokaiser


Occasionally I might upload videos of my creations like above showing the transformation sequence , so do check out my Youtube Channel to view 'em. :)

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