Saturday, March 14, 2015

LEGO 31032 Alternate Mode: Infernus with instructions !

It's been quite a drought the past 2 months or so. Due to important commitments in life, I haven't had any time to MOC anything....

.. however I still will attempt a quickie and opened a few boxes of LEGO sets to be played with, after I slowly settled down to adapt to this new changes in my life.

Creator set 31032 was unboxed this Chinese New Year (where I'm able to take a breather from this long holidays) and this MOC was built from its parts just last week.. and in matter of 3-4 days!

Infernus' jet mode resembled one character from Transformers universe. He is named so because of his fiery red color scheme  and with spikes and horns all over. He was known to rise from the depths of Cybertron hell, a culmination of millions of sparks who died  horribly in the smelting pool.

I found out most of my attempts of building MOC jet mechs from official sets  have their nosecone as individual component / kibble tucked somewhere in the robot mode. So this time around , I'm attempting  a new technique where the transformation sequence is a bit different.

His transformation sequence is utterly simple I don't think I would explain further here, as you see below:

Arms are folded out from the sides of the jet mode.

One of the major highlights in my project is how to make the nosecone halves (forming robot legs) aligned with each other . One of the way is to implement a peg on one half and a peghole on the opposing half.  The 1-stud long peg looks ugly but I always favor structural integrity over aesthetics.

As his head folds out, you will notice he don't have eyes (read: there's no suitable transparent parts from set 31032 to be used for eyes.). I don't think he need proper eyes  (or face even!) since he's literally one hell of a character, like grim reaper. :)

I don't have any balljoints* left to make his head rotateable. So he'll just look ahead most of the time.

*Fun fact: Actually I'm left with one balljoint socket , but not balljoint to complement it . This orphaned  socket part ended at the back of the pelvis. =]

Robot Mode

He's kibbleless and filled with articulated balljoints. He is highly posable.....  

... but the legs poses are a bit limited by his weak pelvis balljoints , slighly impairing the ability to take on the weight of the upper body.

Strolling casually to Hell's Kitchen to get energon cubes.

He can really stand with one feet.

With Future Flymech, made from official set too.


Click my dropbox link below to view the building instructions:

Parting Thoughts

With the number of balljoints offered by set 31032, I might push this further and combine it with other 2015 Creator sets and build few more transforming mech. Do visit my blog again to see what else I will churn out soon!

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  1. Dude, this is amazing, I actually built another mech with this set, I put it on my YouTube channel, check it out


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