Wednesday, January 21, 2015

LEGO 31034 Future Flyer Alternate mode: Future Flymech with instructions

(Update on 24th Jan 2015: Instructions links added at the end of this article)

To start things off, I would like to say.... this escalated very quickly indeed!

It's been about 2 weeks of 2015 when I discovered I had not bought any new sets from this year at all. And I found out there's a backlog of sets I would wish to buy, open and experiment around with, in hope to MOC something nice out of them (one of them is 31024: Roaring Power ... shall wait for discount on that =)  .

Anyway... I made a quick drop at the mall after work last Friday and quickly snagged my first 2015 set: LEGO 31034 Future Flyer.  I set eyes on this one long ago when the leaked photos of it showed up online and my instinct told me I will have great fun with it.

Reaching home , I quickly build the car mode, then the next day... I attempted the jet plane and mech mode. Excited over it's prospect , the official mech mode lasted only about 3 hours. I dismantled the built, and started MOCing this set the same night while watching Saturday nite TV shows. By Sunday eve.. it's 99% done !!

About this MOC

Future Flymech was made from parts from set 31034, and transforms from a jet plane to a mech without taking off parts. There are variety of hinges (frictioned and non-friction)  and balljoints from this set, allowed me to pull this through with a mech with excellent articulations. (although the back kibbles does hinder the posability due to impaired stability )

One thing that I'm proud of is that I managed to streamline the orange parts underneath the wings.There are just a few orange parts from this set to utilize so placing them in the right place is challenging.


The connection as shown by the red arrow is the mech's achilles' heel , easily pops out when transforming him. 

And the strongest hinges are used in the folding of the nosecone.  

The arms are tucked underneath the wings, being folded out to form shoulders.

The shoulders need support in order for them to be upright and not sagging down. The above showed how a rounded component are being folded down to fill in as the "armpit".  

Mech Mode

Kinda weird seeing the fingers as back heels, huh. As if he's on stillettos.

The remaining parts unused.

Building Instructions

For the PDF file , click on the link below:

Or a zipped version below:


  1. when i saw the picture of this set on the internet, i already got a strong feeling that you're gonna use it to build legoformer. turns out i was right lol. great job as usual! cool model, and cool, albeit simple, transformation. :) get well soon! :)

  2. Thanks Pukis. Feeling much better now.

    haha.. I wont miss out a chance from such creator sets. It's ripe for the picking. So many hinges and balljoints inside. But most important is the existence of pelvic joints . Without it, I won't even bother to MOC anything from the set.

    At the time of writing this, instructions will roll out within a few hours time . However, one of the building technique is the one you deemed as illegal. (light gray technic pic connected under the brick) . refer to image link below:

    The purpose of the pin is to strengthen the balljoint socket part beside it. You can skip applying this pin, but you have to bear with the risk of socket part popping out during transforming this MOC =)

  3. sweet! and about that technic pin, i might not applying it, and maybe try something different. it's lego after all. if you don't like it, change it, just like what i did with thunder wingster. :)
    and besides, even at the moment i posted this comment, 2015 creator sets hasn't available in my area yet, so it might take times until i finally able to build this...

  4. Another impressing build, thanks so much for sharing the instructions! Cant wait to to see your moc of 31024.. Thanks again for sharing your work here, best regards

  5. As usual, it won't transform in LDD - your 'formers have that "flaw" - darn LDD non-reality reality.

  6. Hi!
    thanks a lot for the instructions: I can say that I bought this set just to buy your MOC!

    during the build I noticed an "error" in the instruction, in page 8, when you build the wings: the 2 "L" grey parts (I don't know how to call them, sorry) seem to go BEHIND the black wings.

    Looking at this photo:

    they are ABOVE the wings, and I like them more (especially in airplane-mode).

    thanks again!


  7. i built a triple changer from this set his name is slickwing he becomes a car and a aircraft the only issue with the build is his limbs like to fall apart


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