Sunday, September 22, 2019

(Updated with video) LEGO Transformer Space Cruiser from Creator set 30188 with Instructions!

Well, things started pretty humble enough... I snagged this set 31088 out of whim more than a month ago, for a casual build (love the shark).
What transpired after I start building surprised me! 

There were  more ball joints than expected , utilized in the segmented shark in pairs.  Such design allowed the shark to sway left and right only , instead of broader range of  poses.  Maybe that's the intention. Besides, 2 ball joints are stronger than one when it comes to taking the weight of the shark segments, preventing droopiness.


Here Comes the Photos!

Jet Mode

The articulated wings allowed for 2 configurations (swing back, and straight out). I prefer the latter (below).

The red part on the nosecone is the windshield. 

Designing the nosecone hinged connector (to the body) is one of the major challenge in this project

You'll soon understand why I applied the eyeballs on top of the jet.


Behold .. his mid-transformation 3-legged mode!

I personally treat this mode as an afterthought, and would prefer those eyeballs be removed to maintain just one alternate mode for this Transformer.

The multi-hinged nosecone folded to the back of the robot mode in a manner that it won't protrude too far out  or sag too low.

Finally.. revealing his true head.

Robot Mode

We got ourselves a sexy bot with 2 ponytails 

I love how his curved  collar design turned out, using the red claw parts... to minimize the blockiness of the chest.

The shoulder mounted crystals emits very destructive laser blasts. 

One of my favorite design is using the red round plates to add mass to his forearms, again.. to make them less blockier.

Rifle made from leftover parts from the set.

Building Instructions 

Left Arm

Right Arm

Left Leg

Right Leg


Head and Jet Nosecone

The above connects the nosecone to the body.

Done building?  Please scroll up to the beginning of this page to refer to the photos to connect each component together.    And try build his rifle with remaining parts from the set, too!


  1. Awesome mech! Are you going to make a transformers alternate build of the diva and Reindhart set from lego overwatch?

    1. Licensed sets are off limits to my budget. I hope they're going for 40% discount or more, maybe then I will make my hit. I need pink parts for Arcee too!

  2. Its mid mode reminded me of a pretenders shell, you can possibly call this a homemage to the pretenders while original toys made its sheel an atual shell that the toys put on you intergraded it into the tf, showing you exelents on accidental homages(like the mandalorian one) and with a official set!

    1. Hahaha... I personally dislike Pretenders . They simplified the toys just to cram inside a fat human shell.

  3. Really enjoyed this build. I personally took off the eyes and just put em in the crate. If you use all the crab legs on the hands, that three legged mode makes a good sea monster (though he does kinda look like a pope with that head design,) but I think it goes it nicely back to the original set. All in all, love this alternate build, great work.

    1. A pope eh? LOL.... what's seen can't be unseen!


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