Saturday, October 4, 2014

LEGO Beast Wars Dinobot Part 2: Robot mode

Please check out Part 1 for the beast mode and transformation steps before you proceed.

LEGO Beast Wars Dinobot Part 1: Dinosaur mode and transformation sequence

This project is a commission piece requested by a fellow Transformers fan. Even though I am a TF fan myself, I preferred to build LEGO Transformers inspired from G1 characters from the 80's series, and Japanese Transformers from the early 90's.  And that's about it. However, I seldom turn down a good challenge although I'm not really a fan of Beast Wars series.  

Before I get started , I googled photos of Beast Wars Dinobot and checked whether I have enough brown or similar colored LEGO parts to pull this off....

Official BW Dinobot toy

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