Friday, October 19, 2012

LEGO Predaking Instruction Part 3 - Rampage

I'm late I'm late I'm late so sorry for being behind schedule............! I can't believe time flies.   I spent the last 2 weeks working everyday (and every other nights) and things have been shifted to high gear when a local press covered some projects in my  firm , and the article was published. I'm helming the programming part of this ambitious web project which is a nightmare to code indeed. (and the constantly ringing phones simply threw my focus away. [Note to self: ask boss to provide soundproof  room for me in the future] ).

Every time I drove past cool looking vehicles like a crane or some trucks or even a milkvan , I would think "oh boy how I wanna LEGO-fy this beast when I'm free".  Ok ok.. a milk carrying minivan is not actually beastly but it would be cool one day to make a LEGO Transformer out of it. :)

Ok thats enuff ramblings for now. I think I'll stop now with my mild "rampaging".

On to the actual Rampage...

Friday, October 5, 2012

LEGO Predaking Instructions Part 2 - Tantrum

I make it a point to update my blog with new entries at least once a fortnite.. but for Predaking Instruction... once a week to keep the momentum going. However... work got the better of me (I wear many, many hats in the firm I'm working). It's Saturday morning when I'm preparing this entry. Afterward I'll be zipping off to work again to rush for the all important deadline.  

New here? Click below to view Part 1 first.

Part 2 here I come!

^ Don't just follow my instruction as-is. He deserves an updated design with newer parts. Some cheese slopes here and there would do magic. And that's the point I did not provide the parts list for my instructions. You just gotta  improvise as you go along. Hope you guys understand my intention :)
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