Thursday, May 30, 2013

LEGO "Fall of Cybertron" Octane (Triple changer)


Ahh... Octane. Where do  I start ? As a toy, I never owned it. As a character in the G1 Transformers Cartoon, he failed to pique my interest. I kept wondering why I pined for him till now. As a fan of Transformers Triple Changers, Octane is right up there (with Springer/Snapdragon) as my top faves. I guess its because I never owned the toy that caused me to be more intrigued , especially how his transformation went about: From a tanker truck to an jetliner and then robot.  The best memory of him would be when I was small, we played with picture cards of various TV show characters (Ultramens, Gundams, Japanese Robots, TFs) , trying to amass as many picture cards as possible of various characters (kinda pointless coz they're sold dirt cheap from the shop with all possible variations:- 10cent each for a cutout of 8x6=48 cards!). From those picture cards, I remembered Octane the most (there are selections of  G1 TF picture cards slightly bigger than a stamp  with pictures of beautifully drawn TF boxarts). So there.

The "offending" boxart that mesmerised me. 

LEGO "Fall of Cybertron" Octane Transformation Sequence

If you're new here, do check out the official gallery of FOC Octane in all 3 modes , with some "lengthy" writeups.

Tanker Truck to Dropship 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LEGO Creator 31008 Alternate Mech Instructions

Oppps!! I was suposed to post this months back but I guess I've forgotten. For new visitors , visit my entry here to view photos of this 31008 alternate mech.

The Legs

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quickie of the Week #3: Work in Progress (Halted!)

Before I proceed to build something, I usually do a quick inventory check on the parts I have and made a rough guesstimate whether they're enough to get me by the whole process without interruption. And 90% of the time, I managed to get by , finding workaround building techniques if there are certain parts I lacked  that hindered my progress.

But this time around, I failed. I REALLY need certain specialised parts and and there's NO EXCEPTION nor workaround to "emulate" them. So during this "downtime" of not devotedly building my MOC , perhaps any of you would like to see what I'm up to lately? =)

As you can see, the placeholder yellow hinge is meant to be black . And there's a few more parts which I need to improve this MOC. I'm taking a 3 week break before the required parts arrive ( or maybe I start a quick , simple new project )

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