Thursday, February 28, 2013

LEGO Creator 31008 Alternate Mech

When I first set eyes on this year's Creator sets (especially the Mechs).. I know I'm gonna have a great time with them. For Set 31008 Thunder Wings... the official mech is pretty plain . I  was surprised to find out it only utilise merely 60-70% of the parts from the whole set. Anyway.... it's time for me to build my own...

... and so this guy is born....! 

I would want to announce that all parts from the set were  used up for this MOC.. but I just can't be sure (I think one or two tiny parts rolled out of my sight and under the sofa while my building took place =P )

Due to limited number of adequate parts, I practiced "conservative" building here. This means the parts/bricks were connected at a very minimal manner (some gaps here and there). This proves to be pretty frustrating as the lower legs kept falling apart during constructions. So I can't say I was having a genuinely fun moment. 

Do visit my blog after a week or so to view the instructions for this mech. Tata!


  1. Can you post the instructions to build this?

  2. Where are the Instructions??????????


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