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Sunday, May 27, 2012

LEGO Neo Sandstorm Transformation Sequence

For an official photo gallery of  Neo Sandstorm, please scroll down (or next page) to view my previous posting.



- straighten backtyres
- Fold rotors facing up temporarily.
- Raise up (and rotate) cockpit and flaps.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

LEGO Neo Sandstorm

Neo Sandstorm is my "reimagining" of an old G1 Transformers triple changers (see below).

I once "owned" G1 Sandstorm (its a pass-me-down from a cousin of mine when he outgrown his toys). And I regret NOT keeping it till now (sold it to a fellow transformer fan back in 2005). It's a nifty looking toy and both alternate modes are very solid.

Ok, returning back to my MOC , I am basing it  on skycrane helicopter, which I've come to admire after seeing recent LEGO sets featuring it (T-rex hunter and Cargo Copter), in which the latter I regret (again) not buying few years ago when I had the chance. *sigh*.

For a in-depth writeups by me related to this MOC, drop by to my page below:

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