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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creator 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs Alternate MOC with instructions!

When I first set my eyes on this set last year, I just knew it will not disappoint! Many AFOLs attempted to MOC alternate creations from this set with great result the last few months. I admit that I was late to this party, only started to unbox it about a month ago.


This set reminds me  of one Creator Set 31032 from few years ago where I MOCed a Transformer from , Infernus ( building instructions inside!).

I'm not so sure what I shall name this vehicle. Perhaps its a hovercar of some sort.


The number of hinged parts are just adequate  enough for me to get to work. Suprisingly.... it took me just a day to crank this one out. (and a few hours more later of the month to refine it). 

Robot Mode 

Scarcity of parts means I must make do with compromising building techniques. The hinged part located between his thighs is one fine example . I'm torn between keeping the socket part or removing it altogether , revealing the ball ummmm receptable.

This is no camera trick! He actually can stand on one foot.

I'm sorry dude! Ran out of parts to make you a weapon. You'll just have to pose barehanded.

Incoming Building Instructions!

I spent a while trying to optimize the number of steps and ended up with a small bunch of images below. Enjoy!!

Both Arms


Left Leg

Right Leg


Final Merging

I hope you enjoy building this guy as much as I did! Thanks for all the support !! =)

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