Sunday, May 10, 2020

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I noticed mobile version of my blog is missing alot of functionalities and navigational links meant for bigger screen. So I'll use this post as a guide with links to some of my best works.

New to my blog and my works? Click here to view chronology of my past creations. Interested about me instead? Click here please.

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Building Instructions for my LEGO Transformers

Many of them were made using official LEGO sets. Hope you can try build one on your own by following my instructions provided in the link above.  By the way, my Youtube Channel  also offers video tutorial on how to build LEGO Transformers too!

Building Instructions for Sale 

For some of my selected creations, I have put up building instructions for sale at (link below).  Try visit it often to see what new stuff I have put up for sale.

Projects I love the most
Come back often to see this list above updated with more noteworthy links.

Intermission: Donations Pledge!

I will try my best to offer free building instructions as long as I am able. However, the current COVID Pandemic is hurting me financially. If you love  my works so far, I would appreciate it if you send donations to me to the sum of your choosing, via Paypal*

*Don't forget to let me know...

  • about yourself a lil.
  • from where you first heard  about me.
  • and your wish list of Transformers you like to see me build. =)

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  1. but what about the instructions of 2 headded dragon alt build transformer? and do you make combiner lego transformers

    1. 2 headed dragon instructions coming this weekend!

      Yes I made a few combiners (before) like Liokaiser few years back. Currently not doing any.

    2. ok so what happens if you made a combine out of your alternate alt builds turn to transformers?

  2. Hello,do you wan to see my blog to see it

  3. Your lego transformers are amazing! I love to design and build lego transformers as well. You have made so many it's insane!

    1. Thank you! I bare scraped the surface. So many projects and to-do's, so little time.


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