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Chronology of my MOCs

In my early years of MOC-ing, I built using parts from whatever sets I bought, so the colors were pretty much off. The introduction of friction joints when I discovered Titan XP made my life easier when it comes to building LEGO Transformers.  Most of my early works were uploaded to, and So clicking on the links below might direct you there.


Triple Changer Snapdragon
Transforms into a robot, mecha-dino and jet plane.
Victory Saber
Comprises of Star Saber and Victory Leo, from Transformers:Victory series.


This is the first MOC I brought out to the public (Malaysian Transformers Fans gathering: Transmy).
Ultra Magnus
The vehicle mode (trailer) is complementing the MP01 Masterpiece Optimus Prime
Iron hide prototype
With abundance of many yellow parts, that's my first attempt in trying to make a LEGOformer that can accomodate a minifig in the driver seat (alternators). However... it still remained a prototype till *recently*
Galaxy Force Starscream
Using mostly parts from Titan XP.
Fortress Maximus
This guy is HUGE and one of my more ambitious project back then. By that time I already had access to more LEGO parts (thanks!)

Fort Max transform into a robot, huge base and interstellar cruiser. Unlike the original toy where the Headmaster figure is a humanoid mecha, I broke the norm having it as an animal instead.

Fort Max sculpture
There was a LEGO event in town (LEGO millipede challenge), where visitors to the mall can build their own millipede segment in hope to enter a world record or something. I was given a big tub of LEGO bricks days before to "practice" at home. The rest is history
(btw, my LEGO Millepede was build like the ultimate Transformers Nemesis ...Unicron, with horns and all)
Super Fort Max: Part 1 | Part 2
 I made this after finding out my previous attempt were too huge , hence the articulation suffered. This one here is smaller but pretty posable.
Trailer for Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP01
I ordered loads of grey parts for this purpose (in hope to make extra 2 copies of the Trailer to be sold off ebay) !
Trailer v2 for Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP01
This one came with a Transformable Roller, too! among other improvements.
Optimus Prime
A rites of passage for many LEGO Transformers builder. You must attempt an Optimus eventually
Optimus Prime with Apex Armour
Inspired by Powermaster Optimus Prime, which is one of my favorite G1 Transformers ever.


A tank + A jet plane = a base... then finally a robot mode. Nuff said.
My first experimentation with gestalt. Although it doesn't combine or separate into vehicles, this paves the way for more ambitious "combiner" projects.
Predacons and Predaking
This Decepticon is arguably up there as the fan favorites of all the G1 Transformers combiner teams. So I built all 5 Predacon members beast modes that combined to Predaking. Looked familiar? Yes... it was on ebay for a few times but unsold. 
I love the cool color scheme of this Autobot, so I build him and again ... a new version few years down the road.
Hot Rod
Transforming into the future leader of the Autobots, this MOC was my first that made to, one of the most visited LEGO website out there.

[ Click for building Instructions ]
Optimus Prime (again.. yes)

... and Instructions here
Victory Saber v2
My first attempted made build using a limited color selections. This time... I came out in full force! Most of the photos were uploaded in link below:


Starting this year, I began to improvise in many ways rather "recreating" Transformers and their toy counterpart . So this MOC not just transform into a dino, base and a mobile fortress... I cram in a robot mode too.

I was kinda stumped discovering I only managed ONE MOC this year. Lemme jog my brain and see whether I have left out anything or not :P


Technobots / Computron
This took me months and months of work. I build ALL FIVE Technobot members with transformation ability and then find ways to merge them. I kind of regretting not giving my best here though. Even the photo session seemed hasty and poorly organised.


Transforming between a robot, helicopter and futuristic car mode... I think my obsession with building Triple Changer Transformers started at this point.  Springer was also highlited in Brothers Brick too!
King Grimlock Triple Changer
The original toy was never a triple changer, however my newly acquired triple changer bug from previous MOC started to manifest itself here!  King Grimlock is a iconic Transformer character transforming into a T-rex. My attempt here bestowed him an additional jet mode.


This Triple Changer converts into a robot , aircraft carrier and a jet plane. His original toy was loathed by  many due to his brick-like appearance and simplistic transformation. Since this year's been quite and eventful year, I managed to produce just one MOC and did it in a very confined space, too.


Neo Blurr
I'm back in business again! Blurr is a huge improvement over the one I built many years before. This is my first MOC after moving into a new ,cozy house. My "return" was frontpaged /highlited in, hell yeah!
Movie Style Ultra Magnus
I finished this one weeks before the official Transformers : Dark of The Moon movie premiered. I liked it so much ... I found myself building a 2nd copy.
This one's a special tribute to my home country, Malaysia's Merdeka (Independence) Day on 31st August. Merdecha = Merdeka + Mecha.  The color scheme followed Malaysia's official flag, Jalur Gemilang =)
Project Constructicons
The next few months I started a building frenzy by creating 3 members of the Constructicons: Scavenger, Bonecrusher and Long Haul. The marathon build took its toll on me since I felt stressed trying to find ways merge them into Devastator. I stopped at 3 so far. :|
Dai Atlas
I always tried to end each year with a bang (see past year's Victory Saber and Computron) and build "bigger" bots, like this one here. Due to the large amount of photos and it's getting more cumbersome to prepare my entry in, I started this blog and uploaded more photos of my build here instead.


Rodimus Primal
This MOC started as an impulse built from the dated Hot Rod many years ago. I bring him to the next generation with a sleeker sportscar mode , with a triple-function "trailer" befitting an Autobot Leader. And even Roddy himself have a third stinging mode. Photos of transformation sequence here. 
Triple Changer Sandstorm
Transforms into a robot, dune buggy and also a Skycrane helicopter. I'm slowly focusing on my blog by uploading more photos here: Photo gallery  |  Transformation Sequence

Inspired by the core transformation of my Lightspeed (Technobot) many years back. More photos here.
Triple Changer Snapdragon
One of my proudest work this year, nuff said. More photos can be found here

More recent of my MOCs can be accessed on the thumbnails on the left side of this blog. I hope you enjoyed my write ups on my journey that spanned nearly a decade.

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