Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Instructions for LEGO Neo Hot Rod

Once upon a time... I took my first step in documenting my LEGO-formers instructions by developing a custom web application to assist me in  quickly pinpointing each part needed and store the info in a database, so that parts list  can be generated to accompany each instruction images (or for the whole MOC).

But disaster struck and my hard disk died!  I guess related data and the web app itself are  gone forever... until recently....

While I performed some file organization in my (another) hard disk..I noticed my  web app is still there! (I don't remember performing any backup. ah well!)  Further discovery exposed the instructions for a few of my favorite past MOCs.

Neo Hot Rod

This is my first MOC ever to be highlighted in Sometimes I wondered why it gotten so many replies/views in my entry back then , compared to these past few years? Anyway, hope you guys out there can rebuild it and have fun doing so!

The "tiny" representation of Hot Rod came from Reissued  "Star Convoy" Transformers Toy (Japanese).  

Read on for the complete instructions..

Back then, I had a tendency of being long winded and showed detailed steps. Took me many,many days to compile these!

Never again I will make myself draw rounded boxes like above! tedious work I tell you!

And never again I allow myself to drift past a dozen image files for a single MOC building instruction. I hope you don't fell asleep halfway!

So it's done! Phew! 

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