Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LEGO 6914 T-rex Mecha Alternate Mode

The first time I saw set 6914 box art (preview) online, it's definitely high in my  must-have list . 

I finally took a lil' time off to open it and built the main model (t-rex) on the first night, and the 4-legged dino on the 2nd night (yesterday).   The latter was an unsatisfied building experience...
So....I dismantled it after 30 minutes and MOC a mech out of it in about 1 hour.

Due the the limited number of those "miracle" joints.. I am only able to use conventional hinge plates which came in abundance in this set. 

^ My favorite pose of him... striding like a boss! 

I might post instructions sometime next week, so do visit my blog again then! 


  1. Just remembered u had a blog! Im starting to build a collection and alternating between lego/creator sets, good to see some recomendations for MOC use.


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