Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LEGO "Fall of Cybertron" Snapdragon

In my early years of MOCing... I set sight on building Snapdragon because he's one of my favorite Transformers Triple Changer. Back then, I didn't have much parts to get started, so that MOC end up having different color than it's original toy (below).  So the time have come for me to improve him because I can't bear to see him in yellow anymore.  

In the original toy, Snapdragon is a Headmaster triple changer that transforms between a jet , dragon and finally a robot. The headmaster companion is a minifigure that transform into Snapdragon's robot head and beast head as well. However, due to issues pertaining the head-size ratio , I've decided to build him not as a headmaster Transformer, but maybe his incarnation from "Fall of Cybertron" era.  

For a complete writeups on this MOC, please visit my mocpages.com link below:

For those who wanted to see nothing but photos and more photos.. you have come to the right place. Let's go!

Jet Mode

Last minute changes was made to allow the rifle be pegged on the Jet. It's pure coincidental this peg ended up in one explicit part of the robot :P 

From Jet to "Dragon" mode

 "Dragon" mode

Yeah, he doesn't look anything like a dragon.. but since the canon Transformers Universe dictates he's one, who am I to say otherwise? 

From  "Dragon" to robot mode

Robot Mode (phew... finally!)

Finally ........expanded shoulder-missile launcher modes!


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