Sunday, May 27, 2012

LEGO Neo Sandstorm Part 2: Transformation Sequence

If you're new here, please visit Part 1 of this project first.



- straighten backtyres
- Fold rotors facing up temporarily.
- Raise up (and rotate) cockpit and flaps.

2) Raise up the "chunky"  rotor engines together with the backtyres.


- Fold the tail in, and note that the back rotor (yellow)  is folded down to hide it.
- Unravel the buggy tyres from the helicopter body and connect to the tail (which is actually the buggy front part)

4) The buggy front part is taking shape now.

- Fold "helicopter cockpit" to the front horizontally... forming the buggy windshield
- Fold down another pair of buggy tyres.

5) The back part is still "messy" with dangling rotors and helicopter parts..

- Fold the helicopter back tyre parts into the back of the buggy.

6) Even though transformation doesn't require parts to be dismantled and reconnected, but it's clearer for me to separate the rotor and transform them below.  Rotors are folded into a HUGE cannons for the buggy (and robot too)



In  mid-transformation between helicopter and dune buggy, its just a few steps away from becoming a robot.   As mentioned, the main rotor cum cannons need not to be unplugged to facilitate transformations.  I deliberately removed it to provide a clearer visuals.


- "Split" the buggy front halves and fold out the chopper tails again to face out. Since there's only one tail rotor, it will end up in one side of the robot legs,making them assymetricals.

- Fold up the buggy bumper to become the feet. Realign the front wheel connections to the front  ,and unfold the backheels. So that's it to ensure the feet are well-formed and stable.


- Raise up the windshield again and rotate it, to form the chest-part
- At the same time , the robot head are formed by folding 3 parts together.  

2) Back tyres and the flaps will be folded to upwards to form the kibble for the robot mode. You can see the arms are pretty much forming themselves.

3) Stand the figure up. Time to plug in the "cannons" to its original location, then fold it to rests on one side of the shoulder.


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