Saturday, May 26, 2012

LEGO Neo Sandstorm Part 1: Photos of all 3 modes

Neo Sandstorm is my "reimagining" of an old G1 Transformers triple changers (see below).

I once "owned" G1 Sandstorm (its a pass-me-down from a cousin of mine when he outgrown his toys). And I regret NOT keeping it till now (sold it to a fellow transformer fan back in 2005). It's a nifty looking toy and both alternate modes are very solid.

Ok, returning back to my MOC , I am basing it  on skycrane helicopter, which I've come to admire after seeing recent LEGO sets featuring it (T-rex hunter and Cargo Copter), in which the latter I regret (again) not buying few years ago when I had the chance. *sigh*.

For a in-depth writeups by me related to this MOC, drop by to my page below:



Ok, I must admit it doesn't look like a typical dune buggy, but more like a weaponized and heavily armored "battle buggy".  

The underside of the buggy mode. Notice the chopper tail rotors are snugly tucked in.


The shoulder cannons makes it hard for good stable poses. Leaving it dangling on his back is not not elegant either. Let's remove it and equip him with his payload-cum-arm cannon instead.

ps: Would love your guesses on where is the 'anomaly' I mentioned above.

02/04/2021 Update! Video is up!

Click here if video is not showing

For detailed visual steps on he transform between modes, click here.

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