Thursday, May 26, 2016

LEGO Hellbat from Breastforce team Part 2 of 2: Robot Mode and more!

If you're new here, do visit Part 1 to view the jet mode of Hellbat and how it transforms.

Done? Let's continue and hope you enjoy tons of photos of Hellbat in various cool and wacky poses....

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

LEGO Hellbat from Breastforce team Part 1 of 2: Fighter Jet mode and robot transformation

Hellbat turns into a Dassault Rafale fighter jet and he is paired with Komoribreast, his bat-like minion.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LEGO Liokaiser / Breastforce Team Official Page

It's been almost a month since I post new updates so I guess I start this page as a recap to my progress so far. This page will be updated frequently and extensively if I have new stuff to write about this ambitious project of mine.

About Liokaiser / Breastforce

Breastforce Team is a group of Transformers from Transformers:Victory series consisting of six robots that transform into military vehicles such a fighter jets and tanks. Each member has his own robotic beast-like minion that resides on their chests, and can be deployed /ejected  out to roam freely.

Six members of Breastforce team can combining to super robot Liokaiser as well.

Note: There are 2 more Transformers in Breastforce Team that are independent and doesn't merge with the 6 above.

Monday, May 9, 2016

LEGO Millennium Falcon Falcon!! (Updated with video and LEGO Ideas link)

In my previous post, I mentioned about joining a Star Wars MOC competition in LEGOLAND Malaysia recently. I didn't win but the event was a great fun with tons of freebies. :)

My submission is an diorama of  Millenium Falcon Falcons (yes it's not a typo) placed in a very minimalist 48x48 base frame.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quickie of the Week #18: See me in LEGOLAND Malaysia this weekend!

Before that.... happy May the Fourth fellow humans and earthlings.

For the past few weeks,   I focused on building a MOC for the contest above . I hope to wrap things up tonight before going there this weekend to submit my entry on Saturday morning . I will also be there on Sunday till the end of the event /winners announcement.

As expected, my MOC will be Star Wars themed and staying true to my "signature" design.... it will be transformable. =)

If you happens to be in Malaysia or Singapore this weekend, do pay us a visit and see other cool contest submissions too which I foresee will be jaw dropping as well!

And when everything is over... I will publish the building instructions of this MOC for you guys to download next week.

Over and out!

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