Wednesday, February 20, 2019

LEGO Creator 31090 Underwater Robot Alternate Design aka BumbleSea with Instructions!

This was the first 2019 LEGO I bought. Since the set  is officially a robot , so building a Transformer from the parts shouldn't be hard.  I even has a name ready (BumbleSea)    before I start building !

BumbleSea , as the name suggest, transform into an undersea exploration vehicle. He is a low profile Transformer, unlike his sibling ,Bumblebee. So not much information is known about him (and his whereabouts).

Exploration Mode

This mode was actually derived after I almost completed my build.  

Antenna/sensors at the front of this sub can "smell" / detect presence of various chemicals within a radius of 500 metres. Blue,round audio receptors on each side has the ability to detect sound and their distance with a maximum range of 5km .   

The stinger on the back of this mode wraps around the windshield to protect it,

Attack /Salvage Mode

When extended, the claws /stingers  can be used to perform digging on the seabed. 

...and as offensive laser weapons in case of threats. 


Robot Mode

The hardest part of this project was building the body. I insisted that the windshield to be located on his chest , just like his sibling Bumblebee. So this pose a bit of a challenge trying to connect the windshield and also the pelvic joint together.

The long hose was a finishing touch to this project to create a bulkier-looking body. Without the hose, he looks very rectangular from the front view.

The stinger/claws tucked in neatly at the back of the robot mode.

I tried using gray rounded parts to connect the thigh joints but the clutch power of such parts were poor: Transforming between modes often end up breaking his thighs into two.  That's why I finally decided to use 2x2 yellow plates , for maximum structural integrity.

Action Poses

Despite having knuckle holes, I ran out of useful parts to make a gun for him to hold. 

^ Can you imagine him without the long hose looped around his body?

Even in robot mode, his stinger is readily deployable to attack his enemies :)


Here ya go,guys...!  


  1. I made one with 31088, almost identical to yours!


  3. So cool, with the new vs old though, the new ones better, but you can probibly call this his earth form,and your new version of him his cybertronian form when on cybertron.


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