Friday, February 1, 2019

LEGO Masterforce Overlord v2 ,Part 3 of 3: Combined robot and base mode


Thanks for your utmost patient , guys!  It's been 3 months since I published Part 2. So here we are, Overlord in his full glory and in his most powerful  and lethal modes: robot and base!

Recap /Introduction

Overlord's Original toy from the 80's

Overlord is the big bad bot  from team Decepticon in Transformers:Masterforce cartoon series back in the late 80's. He is a robot /base formed from 2 military vehicles: Gigatank (tank) and a Megajet (jet plane).   Both these vehicles were piloted by human characters called Mega and Giga.  

Videos of Gigatank and Megajet

Done watching the videos? Good! Then you're ready to move on to....

Combined Base Mode

The cannons guarding the main entrance ensure strict security is enforced.

With Mega and Giga

Behind the Base

Transformation /Combining to form Robot Mode

If you want to see how I turn both tank halves into robot legs, you just have to wait for an upcoming video of Overlord in my Youtube Channel!

The following 2 images showed how I tried to fold the platforms to make his back sleeker in robot mode, rather than leaving the kibble as a chunk of rectangle like his original toy above.

Trivia: I implemented waist joint for the robot mode, but decided to "lock it up"  because the base ramps located on the butt, needs to be folded up the back, hindering waist swivel.

Overlord: Robot mode!!!

Notice the dark gray notch on the left leg to match with the stud on the right leg. This is one of the connection point in tank mode.

Folded base platforms at the back revealing a nice unobstructed robot waist

The back heels folded out from inside tank treads help to stabilize the robot mode. 

With Rifle

This rifle is part of tank mode's cannon barrel. 

I think I just found my favorite photo from the whole batch. Yay!!

Time to Powermaster-up!

Powermaster is a Transformers feature where human-like figures form the engine to provide power to the Transformers they're bonded to. 

"Are you ready, darling?"

The chest flaps open to the side for the Powermaster engine to be plugged in. 

To enhance the aesthetics of the opened flaps, they can be shifted up a 'lil . Notice the available clearance on the hinges allowing the shift to happen by 2 plates high. 

In the original Overlord, plugging in the Powermaster engine will activate/reveal the weapons below his chest.

"I am powered up!"

This is overpowering...

He's utterly on his knees!

Getting back up, looking for a fight.

Fully Weaponized

No. their heads are not stucked to the chest. They're connected via bars on their backpacks that correspond to the c-clips folded out from the chest. Now both Mega and Giga become cannons .

This is a homage to recent official Hasbro Titan Returns Overlord (below) that allows even Targetmaster / Headmaster figures to be plugged in his chest! 

Fully De-weaponized aka Leisure Mode

During Overlord's free time...

Meeting up Optimus Prime and reminisce on the good ol days when Cybertron was peaceful.

Catching up with Snapdragon. They're both buddies for having conical shaped shoulders /arms and similar jet mode.

Disrupt puppy playtime...

....and gets confronted by its guardian.

"Let's be good friends, shall we?"

The clock signifies that it's time to stop putting him in awkward situations to be photographed. After all, he's a Evil Decepticon Leader!

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