Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Instructions for LEGO Neo Hot Rod

Once upon a time... I took my first step in documenting my LEGO-formers instructions by developing a custom web application to assist me in  quickly pinpointing each part needed and store the info in a database, so that parts list  can be generated to accompany each instruction images (or for the whole MOC).

But disaster struck and my hard disk died!  I guess related data and the web app itself are  gone forever... until recently....

While I performed some file organization in my (another) hard disk..I noticed my  web app is still there! (I don't remember performing any backup. ah well!)  Further discovery exposed the instructions for a few of my favorite past MOCs.

Neo Hot Rod

This is my first MOC ever to be highlighted in Sometimes I wondered why it gotten so many replies/views in my entry back then , compared to these past few years? Anyway, hope you guys out there can rebuild it and have fun doing so!

The "tiny" representation of Hot Rod came from Reissued  "Star Convoy" Transformers Toy (Japanese).  

Read on for the complete instructions..

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instructions for LEGO 6914 T-rex Mecha Alternate Mode

As a followup to my previous post here where I showed some photos of  a alternate mode / mecha made from  set Creator  6914 T-rex, below are the instructions to build it. Enjoy!

Upper Body

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LEGO 6914 T-rex Mecha Alternate Mode

The first time I saw set 6914 box art (preview) online, it's definitely high in my  must-have list . 

I finally took a lil' time off to open it and built the main model (t-rex) on the first night, and the 4-legged dino on the 2nd night (yesterday).   The latter was an unsatisfied building experience...
So....I dismantled it after 30 minutes and MOC a mech out of it in about 1 hour.

Friday, August 17, 2012

LEGO Neo Sunstreaker with transformation sequence

Neo Sunstreaker is a "modernized" version of the original Transformers G1 Sunstreaker  toy.  This was yet another "impulse" moment when I took my LEGO Technobot Lightspeed for a photoshoot to compile the building instructions (it's here in my blog entry). I noticed that even though Lightspeed was a pretty old MOC of mine , the building techniques involved are pretty versatile. That explains why I'm still keeping him around displayed on my shelf till now.

So one fine afternoon... I kicked off Project Neo Sunstreaker based on Lightspeed and its done in less than 10 days! Initially I planned to do a slight retool from Lightspeed, but one thing lead to another.. I ended up re-model the whole MOC almost from scratch.

Murphy's Law strikes again!

In my overzealous attempt of enhancing  him with detailed parts , I applied the grilled 1x2 slope on his  thighs. Knee articulation seemed fine the first few times I bent them for posing in 'bot mode , so  I though the build was OK . Finally the grilled slopes loosen and popped out after a while. By then I've already snapped most of the photos .It's not really an obvious "fault", but still, Dang !
No matter how careful you finalize your MOC/build for photo session... when things go wrong, THEY WILL.

  • This is the 2nd Transformers MOC  I build with an improved neck articulation (the first one being Rodimus Primal ). Now he can tilt his head up and down besides the usual left-right.
  • The original toy came with interchangeable hand / missile launcher thingy on his wrist . I say... why not BOTH ? 
  • Decided only to put the red-part on his shoulder as a homage to the original toy since it's not too "intrusive" in car mode (apparently they're tucked in the back of the car and doesn't spoil the paintjob).
  • It's my most solid MOC to date. Transformation doesn't cause parts to fall off easily.
  • Do forgive the lack of details for the torso/waist, coz it's too compact in vehicle mode until can't even fit in a single tile to enhance it.

Vehicle mode

Technobots Lightspeed Instructions Part 3 (final part): Body and the rest

Finally, let's wrap up the instructions with the chest component.

New here? Click below to see early instruction postings: 


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Technobots Lightspeed Instructions Part 2: Legs

For part one, please refer to previous posting. Usually for symmetrical limbs, I just flip the images. This time around, I can't do that since there is a slight difference between both legs.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Technobots Lightspeed Instructions Part 1: Warming-up with the arms

Lightspeed is part of my highly ambitious LEGO combiners project back in 2008 (mocpages entry here). I had dismantled the gang except him and Afterburner: both remained displayed in my living room till today.

Click below to know more about Lightspeed in the history of Transformers:

Before I proceed with the instructions, he deserves a new set of clearer photos.

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