Friday, August 17, 2012

LEGO Neo Sunstreaker with transformation sequence

Neo Sunstreaker is a "modernized" version of the original Transformers G1 Sunstreaker  toy.  This was yet another "impulse" moment when I took my LEGO Technobot Lightspeed for a photoshoot to compile the building instructions (it's here in my blog entry). I noticed that even though Lightspeed was a pretty old MOC of mine , the building techniques involved are pretty versatile. That explains why I'm still keeping him around displayed on my shelf till now.

So one fine afternoon... I kicked off Project Neo Sunstreaker based on Lightspeed and its done in less than 10 days! Initially I planned to do a slight retool from Lightspeed, but one thing lead to another.. I ended up re-model the whole MOC almost from scratch.

Murphy's Law strikes again!

In my overzealous attempt of enhancing  him with detailed parts , I applied the grilled 1x2 slope on his  thighs. Knee articulation seemed fine the first few times I bent them for posing in 'bot mode , so  I though the build was OK . Finally the grilled slopes loosen and popped out after a while. By then I've already snapped most of the photos .It's not really an obvious "fault", but still, Dang !
No matter how careful you finalize your MOC/build for photo session... when things go wrong, THEY WILL.

  • This is the 2nd Transformers MOC  I build with an improved neck articulation (the first one being Rodimus Primal ). Now he can tilt his head up and down besides the usual left-right.
  • The original toy came with interchangeable hand / missile launcher thingy on his wrist . I say... why not BOTH ? 
  • Decided only to put the red-part on his shoulder as a homage to the original toy since it's not too "intrusive" in car mode (apparently they're tucked in the back of the car and doesn't spoil the paintjob).
  • It's my most solid MOC to date. Transformation doesn't cause parts to fall off easily.
  • Do forgive the lack of details for the torso/waist, coz it's too compact in vehicle mode until can't even fit in a single tile to enhance it.

Vehicle mode

Slightly different spoiler configuration.

The transformation sequence

Robot mode

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