Sunday, July 28, 2013

LEGO Ironhide and Ratchet Part 2 - Bot Modes

Transformation Sequence

For a clearer view, one side of the MOC were taken out to give a cross-section view of its innards. In the photo below,  The grey parts with studs helped to securely peg the roof cum two robot arms into position.

Can you see the bot head located inside the van?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

LEGO Ironhide and Ratchet Part 1 - vehicle modes

How It All Started

Nearly two months ago, I took some time off to organise my blog. Going through my old mocpages entry of my past LEGO creations, I bumped across Ironhide prototype in yellow. I kept wondering why I put this prototype in limbo. Suddenly I felt an urge to put this to a closure. So project Ironhide was initiated.

Actually 80% of Ironhide was completed in about than 2 weeks, however I was missing important transparent parts for the windows. So I hit to get them. Then I found out no such parts exists in 2x2 tiles. I guess I have to make do with 2x1 sized tiles. Then the inspiration to build ratchet came and I ordered more transparent tiles of another color for this purpose.

About Ironhide

Actually I'm not too keen on the vehicle mode (plain old boxy van) at first , but since G1 Ironhide doesn't have a "proper"  toy reference , this somewhat spurred me to take on this challenge. As you can see, the original Ironhide toy is different from his cartoon counterpart. The toy van transform into a freakin mobile command/attack center with a seat for human pilot (below). Same goes for Ratchet. After browsing through numerous Ironhide illustrations drawn all these years... I settled down with with  grey shoulders, white torso and grey  thigh.

About Ratchet

As for Ratchet, even the toy incarnation have the same window tint  as Ironhide, I found this to be dull  for a white vehicle . So I opted for light blue tint instead. Ratchet's head was colored differently by different comics/cartoon adaptation. Since Ironhide already is having a red head, I'm applying white on Ratchet.

Since Ratchet is a Medic /Autobot surgeon, he's equipped with diagnostic tools and "feared by all" surgical drill that pops out from his arms.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quickie of the week #3: WIP Sneakpeek

Any day now! I'm in the final leg of finalizing my new MOC. I'm left with one more crucial item: The weapons.

Still unsure what I'm building ? Click below to view more!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Chronology of my MOCs

In my early years of MOC-ing, I built using parts from whatever sets I bought, so the colors were pretty much off. The introduction of friction joints when I discovered Titan XP made my life easier when it comes to building LEGO Transformers.  Most of my early works were uploaded to, and So clicking on the links below might direct you there.


Triple Changer Snapdragon
Transforms into a robot, mecha-dino and jet plane.
Victory Saber
Comprises of Star Saber and Victory Leo, from Transformers:Victory series.

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