Sunday, July 28, 2013

LEGO Ironhide and Ratchet Part 2 - Bot Modes

Transformation Sequence

For a clearer view, one side of the MOC were taken out to give a cross-section view of its innards. In the photo below,  The grey parts with studs helped to securely peg the roof cum two robot arms into position.

Can you see the bot head located inside the van?

The versatility of the chunky balljoint allows the van front and roof to be folded down and then rotated 180 degrees to the back. 

The back of the van will form the legs. Note the back tyres and bumper have been folded out of the way to 

After standing up the bot, more swivel joints on the roof allowed the shoulders to be formed (albeit a huge one) 

Each roof halves forming the arms.

The earlier mentioned back tyres and bumper is now folded with the front bumper as kibbles. They're secured by 2 studs. These are the studs that secured the bumper with the car front in van mode earlier.

The two hinged part right behind the head are designed to angle/fold to the back so that the shoulder articulation will not be disrupted.

Ironhide Bot Mode

During the transformation photoshoot, one of the white torso part popped out (1x2 grill). I decided not to reattach it as I think the robot mode have enough grilled parts aesthetically (van grilled 'headlamp' and look at those abs!).   

He can fire various chemicals and liquid from his hands to paralyze the enemies or live saving procedures/getting out from a tight spot.

"Oh boy my legs are tired from all the posing. "

Ratchet Bot Mode

Wielding his trusty ol' diagnostic tools and the fearful dissection tool.

"Hey you! Come back here. You're not fit for active duty yet!" pose.

Since you've gotten this far...

Prime with two of his best men. I think they fit just right scale-wise with MP01 Prime.

"Can you get that thing off of leg doc? My legs are fine "

A sudden electrical surge during Ratchet's surgery caused both their circuits to scramble. Now we have TWO Ironrats.


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