Saturday, March 30, 2013

LEGO "Alone Again" Hardhead

Character Bio

Hardhead was  a Headmaster , a faction of Autobots from the 80s Transformers Cartoon series,. Once  bonded with Duros (who transform into into Hardhead's head), as a form of alliance to the Nebulans to counter Decepticon threats in that planet.

After the alliance ended, Hardhead bid goodbye to his head eeer Nebulan partner, regained his original head and  headed (ok ok enuff with the term head) back to his Cybertron hometown , gets an Elvis-like haircut ( *hic* notice my *hic* MOC's head later) and a  fresh, cheerful paintjob . He also undergone re-engineering to remove his vehicle cockpit , never to allow other fleshlings from riding him again.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kai Rotormech:- alternate design for Ninjago Kai Fire Mech & Creator Red Rotors

After all these years of building LEGO-formers, I hope my MOCs can be accessible/replicated and enjoyed by others easily, without the hassle of sourcing the right parts to build them. This year I am starting a personal "crusade" to make this happen, as opportunities finally presents itself:- in the form of many official LEGO sets with balljoints and decent number of wedges and hinges.

I wouldn't aim for big sets with huge selection of parts however. I hope to make things affordable out there to average Joes and Janes to get started to recreating my MOCs =)

As a starter, I paired up one Creator set with a small Ninjago and come up with .... Kai Rotormech!

And since I'm very proud and excited of this maiden endeavour of mine, I even include  the building instructions here and hope you guys can immediately give it a try.
Are you ready for what's coming?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

LEGO Duobot Instructions

Woah... there's alot on my plate these days.. hobby-wise. Few weeks ago I published LEGO Duobot, minions for my LEGO Alphaplex/Metroplex and was trying to find time to compile its instructions. Well to be honest I got too preoccupied with indulging myself of various 2013 sets that I fancy. I wish to faster unbox them, enjoyed building their main models and finally reuse the parts for something even more "noble".

OK let's move on to the instructions...

The Jet Plane

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm in!

The last few days sudden surge of traffic made me decided to track their origin. What a pleasant surprise... I was mentioned in's article. Below is the link:

Anyway... to those who came from there... Besides the half a dozen stuff I put on, I've got a few dozens more "labour of love" for the last "half a dozen" years of building LEGO Transformers. You can start by visit my gallery

Thanks for the highlight,!

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