Sunday, March 17, 2013

LEGO Duobot Instructions

Woah... there's alot on my plate these days.. hobby-wise. Few weeks ago I published LEGO Duobot, minions for my LEGO Alphaplex/Metroplex and was trying to find time to compile its instructions. Well to be honest I got too preoccupied with indulging myself of various 2013 sets that I fancy. I wish to faster unbox them, enjoyed building their main models and finally reuse the parts for something even more "noble".

OK let's move on to the instructions...

The Jet Plane

Opps.... the instruction above is a bit flawed. The nosecone should be place one stud to the back (and cover the printed tile). And talking bout this printed tile, it's not a necesity to be an exact version (which would be rare now.. since it only exist in Exo-force set). Any tile would do.

The Tank

The Outputs

The Bot Mode

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