Monday, November 21, 2011

Neo Optimus Prime LEGO Instructions

Nearly 5 years ago, I made this guy and it turned out to be quite a hit.  Click below for the gallery for Optimus Prime:

Even though the Apex Armor for him had been dismantled , I still keep the cab. Only recently I finally think it's time to release the instructions for him.

The last 5 years, I didn't make any major changes to him, even though I can tweak him  and replacing some parts with more appropriate colors. However... I finally decided for nostalgic reasons, I let some off-color parts remain.

For those who does not have the right colors for the parts to build him.. don't let that deter you. Just build him using a different color scheme. The most important thing is to have fun doing it! And when you're done... maybe you can email me your works/improvement and I'll put in up here in my blog.

The lower body

The upper body

Putting everything together

Did you get it right?

Thanks for following my building instructions. For more Optimus Prime related creations of mine, click here.


  1. make it transform
    plsss it would be better or can someone else do it?

  2. my 4 year old son loves it! Can you make it transform ?! is it possible ?! anyone knows?! thx

    1. Hi! Yes... the Optimus Prime above do transform into truck/cab mode. Click on the link below for more photos:

  3. Ciao, il link per farlo trasformare non funziona


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