Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creator 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs Alternate MOC with instructions!

24/11/2017 Updates!  An error have been found and corrected for the legs instructions!

When I first set my eyes on this set last year, I just knew it will not disappoint! Many AFOLs attempted to MOC alternate creations from this set with great result the last few months. I admit that I was late to this party, only started to unbox it about a month ago.

This set reminds me  of one Creator Set 31032 from few years ago where I MOCed a Transformer from , Infernus ( building instructions inside!).

I'm not so sure what I shall name this vehicle. Perhaps its a hovercar of some sort.


The number of hinged parts are just adequate  enough for me to get to work. Suprisingly.... it took me just a day to crank this one out. (and a few hours more later of the month to refine it). 

Robot Mode 

Scarcity of parts means I must make do with compromising building techniques. The hinged part located between his thighs is one fine example . I'm torn between keeping the socket part or removing it altogether , revealing the ball ummmm receptable.

This is no camera trick! He actually can stand on one foot.

I'm sorry dude! Ran out of parts to make you a weapon. You'll just have to pose barehanded.

Incoming Building Instructions!

I spent a while trying to optimize the number of steps and ended up with a small bunch of images below. Enjoy!!

Both Arms


Left Leg

Right Leg


Final Merging

I hope you enjoy building this guy as much as I did! Thanks for all the support !! =)


  1. Ok, I built the 31058 Transformer! Does this guy have an official name?

    Overall instructions were pretty easy to follow. Only one thing, I noticed for each leg, it shows construction using 3 2x1 light green pieces. Since there are only 4 total, 2 of these have to be dark green 2x1. I noticed in the final models, one of the lower legs uses the dark green 2x1s so I was able to figure it out.

    These transformers are so fun to build. This is the 2nd one of yours I have built from the Creator sets. I find your designs are better than the official Lego models.

    If your Transformers were available as official sets I would totally buy them. I really hope Lego will partner with you to make your Transformers official sets.

    Thanks for sharing these with us!

    1. i don't think that thing has a name! But i'm gonna build it! Wish me luck!

  2. I can tell you the instructions though. First, put a 1x2 1 clip plate on one stud on a 1x2 plate. Then, put a second 1x2 plate on the clip plate. Then, put a 1x2 1 bar plate on the second 1x2 plate. Then, put one of the white tubes with a clip on the bar plate. Then, put a normal sized bar in the tube clips tube. Then, put a 1x2 S.N.O.T brick with 4 side studs (two on each side) on the remaining stud on the first 1x2 plate. Then, put a 1x4 tile on the S.N.O.T brick and the bar plate. Then put a black technic pin in the remaining hole on the bottom of the S.N.O.T brick. And you have a blaster!

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  4. i will call this guy quick charger i plan to get this set just to build this model

  5. Matthew Bobby,
    What is a S.N.O.T brick?

  6. Alan,
    What is this guys name? I didn't catch it.

    1. this guy doesn't have a name i guess call him what you like

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  9. i've built this guy before so i built him again because he's that good

  10. This is the creator set I've been looking for for a long time, thanks for the great article

  11. His alt mode reminds me more of a armed hoverboat then a hovercar.but its ausome anyway, i also have that set but made a diffrent Moc out of that( a fan made one)

  12. I can show my moc from this set from the link
    and see it

  13. I cant find the post

  14. I wanna build this.

  15. It's a really cool build , I will call him Hovermech


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