Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Quickie of the Week #23: Work in progress

When I build LEGO Transformers, I usually build the head and hands last.

Somehow this habit had subconsciously caused me to automatically allocate space and gaps in my MOC to tuck them in.  However, sometimes I underestimates the space needed, so I will either enlarge the gap or modify the hand (like above).  If you look carefully at the hand, 2 of the fingers are of tube type, while one is a slimmer part.

So with such hands design, I can tuck them into  the 4-stud wide gaps with little stress. 

Unexpected Suprise!

My current project here will be completed by the end of this month. And I've utilised a bunch of mini balljoints for this MOC for transformation purpose. However, I've discovered that their flexibility allowed me to turn them into outriggers for this vehicle. 

The Final Component

This MOC will not be complete without a badass weapon to hold. Below is a sneakpeek of the gun I made .

That's my LEGO Ironhide!

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