Thursday, October 18, 2018

LEGO Masterforce Overlord v2 ,Part 2 of 3: Megajet (with Video!)

This Project Overlord version 2 was initiated about 11 months ago and about 90% completed within 3 months. Then suddenly I felt a need to put it on hold and started building something else (almost 10 other MOCs were churned out), before returning to this project again. 

New here? Then before you proceed, I highly suggest you visit Part 1: Gigatank first for more info on project Overlord.

About Project Megajet

Megajet and Gigatank merge to become  super robot Overlord.  Just like Gigatank is commanded by a human like character called Giga, Megatank is piloted by a female named Mega... and she's the wife of Giga.

In the original Overlord toy, the tank formed almost all of legs for Overlord. For my LEGO Overlord here, the tank only forms the lower legs, and the jet completes the rest from the thigh up.

The primary colored black and white of the jet looks pretty bland IMO , so I decided to add in a few purple touch on them. 

One of the final changes to this jet was the landing gears on the undercarriage. I'm surprised when  reverse-Murphy's Law happened here (keep reading till the end).

The cannons here can tilt up and down but not swivel to the left/right like in the original Overlord's toy. 

Four tail fins is better than two!!!!

The jet engines/tips on both sides of the jet took me many iterations /redesign. I kept flip-flopping between a plain-conical single piece LEGO part , to a more complicated tiles wraparound technique I applied on my LEGO Snapdragon many years back (below). Finally I ended up with something different, as you can see.

Underneath the jet shows the glory of Overlord's very well sculpted chest,abs and all. Looks pretty sexy, eh!

Mini-jet Mode

Overlord's single piece jet front ( nosecone and cockpit)  can be detached and wielded in robot mode. I decided to implement more offensive features on this mini-jet.

Initially I applied Technic pin method to connect both of them together, but this caused the mini-jet to wobble. So ball joint was used instead.

Mini-jet with full flight capability , after sprouting its own wings.

4 cannons on such a tiny jet.... ! Wow!

The purple stripes on the nosecone was a last minute change to this project coz a plain black nosecone doesn't seem visually appealling.

The cockpit for this mini-jet was finalized looooong before I built Mega, the minifigure to pilot it. She will have a simpler backpack design compared to her husband ,Giga.. so that she will be able to fit inside the cockpit snugly.

Transformation to Base Mode

The ramp to enter the base is integrated into the jet mode.

Jet body expanded to become smooth, wider platforms.

Ahh yes... the mini-jet just now can reattached* to its original position to complete the base. The nosecone unfolds to reveal a mega-cannon !

*Base mode can be transformed from the jet wholly, without detaching and reattaching the mini-jet. The ball joint that connect the jet body and mini-jet has full 360 degree rotation for this purpose.

Landing gears on the jet now becomes a platform for Mega to stand on later. This is a nice feature discovered during photo shoot, which I never planned for actually!

Base Mode Ready for Action!

Just like any hostile female villainess, her base/home must be equipped with weapons right at the doorstep.  

If there's one thing I regret doing, is that I forgot to put visor on her helmet.

The circular  "vents" on the side of the base under the platforms are connecting points /knee joints for Overlord's legs.

Note the tilted jet tail fins  and also the jet engine tips adapting to the base mode's platform height. I didn't specifically make any changes to them for such adaptation . Things just fall into places. It's pleasant surprise like this that becomes one of my main joy of building LEGO Transformers.

She Waited since Morning ....

.... till dark for her husband to come home. 

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  1. Hi, we're waiting for part three!!!! We NEED the huge robot mode!!!! Pleeeeeeeeez ;)


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