Tuesday, October 30, 2018

LEGO Transformer Giraffe (updated with video)

If the photo above doesn't pique your curiosity to click and view more... I don't know what will!

10 Jan 2020: Video is now Live!

About this Project

This is a Beast Wars challenge in LEGO TF FB group I am a member of . And I started the ball rolling about 2 weeks ago!

Actually I never intended to build a Giraffe but as usual.... while my mind wandered back then ,thinking of what animals to build, I was hit by a sudden idea on how the robot legs would transform (from the beast legs). Within the next few days I completed the giraffe body with just the neck and both heads (beast and robot)  pending.

No..He's not Longrack!

I hear you. Longrack is an existing character from Beast Wars that turns into a giraffe. But nope, I am not building a Longrack. Unlike Longrack, this LEGO giraffe of mine is not armed nor weaponized in any way.  Longrack is tan , but my giraffe here is yellow. So there.

Actually I was not keen on building Beast Wars Transformers due to the bar I set for myself: the beast mode limbs must be fairly articulated. For this challenge, I lower down this requirement.. so the giraffe legs were almost locked in place except basic articulations on the front legs, and the neck.

One of the most daunting task is making his skin to be blotchy like a real giraffe. I broke a few brown parts in this process  of fine-tuning his exterior. :(

Quite an ass-stounding sight... eh? 

His neck can still manage to bend down without looking awkward

Here is him trying to take a few steps forward.

His hind legs are not broken.. the knees are hinged  that way for robot transformation purpose 

Finally... food!!

That's Elefun, his newfound friend from the jungle. 


Prepare for butt-splitting action!

Hump splits into both robot arms. 

Above is my initial transformation idea that kickstart the project. The LEGO part on his robot knees that can swivel the beast legs down is a very recent parts type. I couldn't  have design this 3 years ago without the existence of this part.(below, screenshot from brickset.com)

Attempts to conceal the robot head inside the beast body took me a quarter of the building time! It almost jut out in front of the beast mode.

Robot Mode

That's why a wider footprint is required , coz the back kibble is quite big, requiring support without toppling over.

Action Poses

As mentioned earlier, he's not weaponized nor armed. So I didn't provide a gun for him to hold. 

He'll disarm your with his charm.

...wit, and funny antics.

My Personal Favorites....

Protecting his weak and fragile friend at all cost:

Beast-head Mode

He looks like something that comes out from Egyptian Mythology

Next to him is a Dragon Boat Transformer I made early this year. They both  shared a similarity of being unique Transformers characters with no name given by me.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and writeups.  I think I have an idea for few more Beast Wars type Transformers to build soon, with similar transformations like this LEGO Giraffe . Keep you guys updated! 


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