Tuesday, December 4, 2018

(Updated with video) MechaJet: Add-on for LEGO Creator 31071 Drone

This escalated real quick indeed!


Two months ago I came across LEGO Ideas Creator contest: Build an Add-on for any 2018 Creator sets. Then, I actually had one set in mind to get started, Creator 31046  . Since I was busy with other LEGO projects* , I couldn't find time to commit to this contest yet.

*An Xmas exhibition on December in One Utama Mall, PJ, Malaysia with me featuring some of my LEGO Transformers in an Xmas diorama.

About this Project

So after I'm done setting up my Xmas diorama. I finally took the time to check out the status of the contest and to my shock,  I had only 2 more days till deadline to submit my entry!  That was on Sunday and I immediately hit the local mall (Tesco) to snag one Creator set to participate in this challenge. I have chosen the Set 31071, drone because it's cheap and small sized.

As the due date was 48 hours away, I spent 2 nights  cranking out this MOC , clocking in about 8 hours of building time.   Finally I submitted my entry around 3.30am , mere 17 hours before this contest ends.

Update 23/10/2019: Video for this creation up in youtube!

Ready to Dock

As you can see, I didn't modify the original Drone from the set at all. Even though the cam on one side of the drone remains intact.

My add-on will have multiple peg points to latch on the the drone securely


Jet Mode

The jet mode is capable of interplanetary travel , allowing the drone to visit other planets and do stuff there.

The nosecone is the hardest part to build due to it forming the legs for the mecha! And it wasted 80% of the building time...

.. and as  time was ticking  then, this forced me to simplify the jet's rear end design/transformation of the upper body.

Murphy's Law alert! The minifig was hastily picked by me to grace the cockpit . I only discovered the faded prints on her face during photo editing!

Robot Mode

Note how the nosecone folded inwards to add mass to the legs. 

While building this guy, I was reminded of Transformer Strafe, from team Technobots due to it's color scheme and futuristic space jet mode. 

If time is not an essence here, I  would've made him a triple changer. Besides transforming into a space-faring jet, I think he can easily be made to have a beast mode too.

With Optimus Prime from The Last Knight, my MOC from last year.

Wish me luck with the contest , guys! Thank You!

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