Sunday, December 16, 2018

(Updated with video) LEGO Transformer Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Ho ho ho it's the time of the year again!! 


Not long ago, I made a Transformer giraffe. After that, I was asked to join an LEGO Xmas exhibition at One Utama, a local shopping mall in PJ, Malaysia. So I got myself busy and started to build something to fit the theme, so this Rudolph was born!

About this Creation

Half of the transformation style of this MOC took inspiration from my earlier LEGO Giraffe. Compared to the giraffe, the deer legs are shorter so it's easier for them to tuck in snugly in robot mode.

The hardest part to nail is actually the deer head...

...and the easiest part is probably his dainty-looking tail.

After analyzing photos of many reindeers off the web, I'm glad some has white and tan colored furs  on their neck.. which makes it easy for me to conceal the hinge plates of such colors necessary to form robot arms.

Transformation to Robot Mode

Check out my Youtube video below to see how I transform this MOC

Robot Mode

The inspiration behind the robot's red face is to pay "homage" to the deer mode's red nose. Silly, I know.

Action Poses

Thou Shall Not Pass! 

Wacky Poses

He's incredibly agile! Walk like an Egyptian anyone?

Ouch... hurt his knees!

And for his final trick, beast head mode!

... or shall I say, "Trick or Treat" mode.

Bonus Photos!

The robot mode photos you seen above were snapped recently. Few weeks before that, the photos I snapped suffered from poor lighting and I'm forced to ditch them. However, a few are salvageable after some tweakings (below):

Thank You for reading this blog till the very end!!


  1. still waiting for OVERLORD third part....... ;)

    1. Hi!
      Overlord will definitely arrive next month coz I must wrap up my Xmas creations this month.

      I probably publish 2 videos on Overlord's tank and jet in my youtube channel first :)

  2. Can you post building instructions for this?


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