Wednesday, October 10, 2018

LEGO Masterforce Overlord v2 ,Part 1 of 3: Gigatank (now with video!)

This Project Overlord version 2 was initiated about 11 months ago and about 90% completed within 3 months. Then suddenly I felt a need to put it on hold and started building something else (almost 10 other MOCs were churned out), before returning to this project again. 

Due to his many gimmicks , I've decided to split this project into 3 blog entries. Here comes the first one...!

About Overlord

Overlord is a major bad guy in Transformers:Masterforce series.  He is combination of a tank and a jet ,each driven/piloted by Giga and Mega.. two human characters  that become Powermaster engines for Overlord. Both the vehicles can combine to become a wide base too!

As a toy, I really love his base mode due to the ramps and platforms that allowed smaller vehicles to move around. However...  Alot of partsforming is involved and some parts are left redundant in their vehicle modes.

About Project Gigatank

Gigatank form the legs for Overlord and also combined with Megajet to become a base . One of the improvements I made was to minimize the number of external components, reducing them to just the tank barrel that will detach to become Overlord's primary hand-held weapon.

Note the arsenal of weaponry even on both sides on the tank to complement the main barrel at the center.

Original Overlord's toy contain a small buggy-like vehicle that the Powermaster figure can ride on and move about around the base . I took the chance to weaponize this buggy and adding in one more important role for it ( keep reading to find out more).

Transparent orange hatch in tank mode is fixed into position actually. It can only be opened in base mode.

Did you know...

I built Overlord v1 more than 10 years ago (Look at the cute Gigatank above that I built back then!) . To view more photos, click on the link below:

Even though there are working treads for this tank, but they're there for aesthetic purpose  only. As you can see above, it's pretty chunky underneath. (about 1 plate away from scraping the ground!). So rolling the tank about smoothly might be a bit of a challenge.

This unfolded missile rack have very poor range due to obstructions on its left and right. It can only face forward or backward. 

Can you guess why I colored the tank front with a tinge of purple ? :) 

Murphy's Law strikes again!

The strip above was accidental. I wanted my LEGO Tank to mimic the barrel position of Blitzwing toy above... but to my shock...  Blitzwing's barrel has NO articulation at all. I found out too late: it snapped after  I applied excessive force trying to raise the barrel. (groans!)

Outriggers coming out from the side of the tank serve a very important purpose than just keeping the tank in position when Maximum Attack mode.  

Transformation to Base Mode

Original Overlord has separate ramps that needs to be detached and reattached in robot and base mode. I decided to integrate these ramps , sandwiching them in the middle of both tank halves. While I'm at it... I also wanted the tank to have an independent base mode without merging with Mega's Megajet.

A base is not a base without grapple arms to perform maintenance on the vehicles stopping by. 

Notice how one ramp has a hole on it, to complement  the opposing ramp with a stud . This is to help secure both tank halves together . 

So the earlier mentioned weaponized buggy moves in to bridge the gap between 2 islands / tank-bases.

...and introducing Giga, the commander of this tank and also the base.

Base Mode: Right Island

Detached tank primary gunbarrel mounted on the base pointing upwards.

The transparent orange tank hatch unfolds to allow Giga to take control of his base and weaponry system.  

Base Mode: Left Island

This is where most of the repair and maintenance take place for damaged/injured Decepticons

Legend class Constructicons from Transformers Live action Movieverse is having a fun time relaxing in this joint.

Base Mode, "Full Frontal" 

Legs Mode

Transformation from a tank to become the legs are pretty simple , so I won't be showing the steps here.  

The purple colored tank front will become Overlord's feet as shown above. 

I mentioned about the tank outriggers earlier in this article.  These are crucial implementations in my project here: forming heels to give Overlord  a wider footprint to sustain his upper back bulk.

Again, thank you for going through this article till the very end. I hope you not just enjoyed viewing the photosets, but stopped a while to read what I've written as well!  

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