Friday, August 24, 2018

LEGO Creator 31073 Mythical Creatures Alternate Design Scorponus with instructions!

Guess what? This LEGO Transformers MOC took me about 4 days to complete ! Actually It was done in one day but I have chosen to spend a few more days to refine it. 

The reason he is named so is very, very obvious!

Well, Scorponus might just be related to Infernus, another LEGO Creator alternate design Transformer I built years back. 

The green canisters on his tail hold very very lethal chemical that could burn a a hole  through a 1 feet thick armor plating.

One of his weakness is speed... due to very tiny legs and huge bulk and pincers. He can only manage a top speed of 20 km/hour. 

I spent most of my time refining on the tail part.. but still failed to close the gap there.

Twin stinger attack mode!


My favorite part of the transformation is how both chest pieces are formed from his scorpion legs.

Robot Mode

Even though the Creator set used for this MOC is packed with ball joints... I maxed 'em all out ... and that's why he has non symmetrical design for his hands. (one using ball joint,another using c-clip connector plate)

I always benchmark my LEGO Transformers articulation by their ability to scratch their own butt!

Bonus Photos!

Initially the photos taken for this MOC were done on black background and surface.. but many didn't turn out so good. However, I still managed to salvage a few (below). I think darker backgrounds will do justice highliting his lethal and corrosion inducing white claws 

I hear you! Instructions below! 

Thank you for following my building instructions! 


  1. Amazing but we were able to build such Robot-Scorpion, thanks a lot for the instructions! My little son was happy to build and play with this robot!

  2. Thanks for your creation. We love your amazing skills. Look forwards to seeing your new ideas soon. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the awesome design! I had trouble keeping the stingers together so i got a 1 by 4 no stud maroonish red plate and a light green 2 by 2 round plate w/ studs.

  4. To keep them together.

  5. the leg images are really small... its hard to see, but overall its a great build

  6. I made a boat transformer I named boatron I saved the instructions for this build

  7. Its so amazing, to you could be a homage to tell you the truth it's tail reminds me of a snake. so this moc could be a homeage to the fusor qwikstrike.


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