Wednesday, August 1, 2018

LEGO Batman Batmobile transforming robot , BlackJAC

Here it is, guys! This is a completion of a  month-long project for LEGO Transformers batmobile challenge for well, Wells of Allspark Discord channel.

I don't have prior knowledge on various types of batmobiles . So I googled them up and when I first set my eyes on the image below (Batmobile from Batman vs Superman movie) , I immediately had an epiphany: the side of this vehicle,  all the way to the huge tires on its back simply screamed "legs.. ! legs...!" .   I got half the transformation figured out from that point onwards!

This batmobile also reminded me of my earlier LEGO Transformer creation, Sureshot.  I took some design inspiration from there, but decided not to clone that creation to become a LEGO batmobile , preferring to start this anew. 

I discovered soon after, the flaps on this batmobile can open. What you see above is my 4th revision of the vehicle front. 

Flanked by Taktom's Masterpiece Wheeljack and Tracks.

The fenders wrapping over the rear wheels posed quite a challenge to me. They not only has to look good, but they will form the backheels , to cope with the top heavy robot as well .This mean structural stability is a must instead of just mere flaps to cover those wheels.

The engines at the  back of the vehicle was the final touches I applied before wrapping this project up, to conceal the robot head. Initially it would be a transparent red round 2x2 plate, but I can't fit it in robot mode.

Recently I watched Justice League movie and noticed that there's a weapon mounted on the side of this batmobile's  roof. That shall be the robot mode's rifle !


One of the problem that bugged me for days was how to secure the robot legs in vehicle mode. The image above showed how I used 2 light gray balljoints to solve this problem. Simply unpeg them to  release the legs.

Guess what's wrong in the photo above? :)

The wings on the vehicle rear was also a very hard problem to solve in my project. They shaped like boomerangs and very unwieldy. Shown above, is how I managed to fold and tuck them away... become robot shoulders.  Luckily their position there doesn't affect the shoulder articulation too much.

Most of my LEGO Transformers only require a single waist swivel mechanism for added articulation.  But BlackJAC  here require TWO waist swivels , one for articulation and another to allow the vehicle front to be folded to the back of the robot.

Robot Mode

One of my most satisfying problem I solved here is how I managed to bulk up the lean robot butt: with flaps made using curved bricks, folded in from both  sides of the vehicle mode.

The shoulder wings can be lowered to forearms, forming blades that could inflict serious damage to enemies.


Did you know that BlackJAC is paying homage to one of the lesser known characters from G1 Transformers series? 

It's Blackjack from Micromaster Sports Car Patrol!

Those purple with a bit of gold sure looks good complementing this mostly black and gray creation!

Battle Mode

I once had reservations about using 4x1 hinged plate for the elbow joints due to a perception that they're too weak  for weapons wielding. Guess I was wrong.

^ One of my favorite photo from the whole lot!

 Notable Pairs

With Sureshot

With Optimus Prime from The Last Knight

With Chrono Swindler, a robot that turns into a Back to the Future DeLorean

In Leisure

After leaving the battlefield and foiling plans of overlords from various dimensions....

Having fun with his playmate. 

Bonding with his pet puppy... 

And rekindled with toys he once played as a younger spark. 

Bonus Photo!!

I really couldn't help myself this time..... ! Here's BlackJAC with Jack Black.

Before you leave this page, don't forget to visit my youtube channel to see vids of my LEGO  creations!! Thank you ...~~!!

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