Tuesday, July 3, 2018

LEGO Transformer Sewing Machine aka Stitchmaster

Bet you didn't see thing coming !!!

Neither did I! This creation was completed at record time.... in just 3 days! What's my motivation? Well, read on...!

A facebook group I joined was having a LEGO Transformer challenge with appliances as a main theme, ending in June 2018 . Few weeks earlier I attempted to built an oven toaster as a submission to this challenge... but eventually that project failed. 

So my builder's block had set in it seems. However, I had a revelation of sorts 2 days before the dreaded deadline and immediately get to work around 11pm then.  After 2 nights of effort, I managed to come up with Stitchmaster !

I go on to spend another one day to refine this creation. Not bad eh? 

During my building process, I tried to conserve my white parts (I need 'em for future projects)  that's why I decided to apply a bit of blue accent on this sewing machine. 

Underneath , you can see how I secure 2 halves of the base together with a gray colored robot arm piece with c-clip on both ends . That piece can be unhooked and settle to either side.


Almost there! This mid-transformation looks like a mech from other science fiction works.

... or maybe its a Jaeger from Pacific Rim?

Near his butt, take note on the mechanism to release the waist swivel. I implement the waist locking mechanism  to prevent the sewing machine mode from being too wobbly.

The arms are actually connected nicely inside the panels by one stud on each forearm (made possible by a round plate with one stud on its center). 

There You Go! Robot Mode!

The flaps that are folded to the back of his legs and form the heels  aren't secured in any way, so they are prone to shifting when I move him about for other poses.

More Action Poses!

Needless to say, his right arm shoot needles of various lengths and sizes. Ouch!

I Can't Believe I go this far....

...and made another copy of this guy just to conjure up the photos below! 

Despite his evil nature, he has a soft spot for soft animals. here's him helping out mending the "wound" of an injured giraffe.

Actually that's my hankerchief!!

PS:  I only  managed to clone him properly at one side due to lack of parts. You won't be seeing the other side of the sewing machine above because it's built with mismatched colors of non whites and blues.

Thank you everyone for taking your time to view this post till the very end..!!! Sew you next time!

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