Thursday, May 26, 2016

LEGO Hellbat from Breastforce team Part 2 of 2: Robot Mode and more!

If you're new here, do visit Part 1 to view the jet mode of Hellbat and how it transforms.

Done? Let's continue and hope you enjoy tons of photos of Hellbat in various cool and wacky poses....

Expert in hand-to-hand combat

A bit of stretching before a gruelling modelling/photoshoot session will do wonders for his joints.

With Komoribreast as Weapon

He has one of the most uniquely shaped weapon of all the Breastforce members.  I didn't design this beast with any gunbarrels in mind coz those bat wings will produce some sort of beams/waves/projectile somehow to stun his target.

Stop or I'll flap eeer zap you!

Leisure aka Rest Mode

When not engaging in battle, Komoribreast will return back to Hellbat's chest to hibernate.

The connection is fairly simple. The c-clip on the robot waist facilitates the connection to the beast's muzzle. The bat wings are flexible enough to be tucked to the sides below the armpit. Robot articulations are not affected at all. 

With Guyhawk

Hellbat's feet/heels are more fragile than Guyhawk's, since the former are using c-clip hinges which are weaker than Guyhawk's implementation of frictional hinges for his feet and back heels.

He ain't heavy. He's my brother...

...but accidents happen.

My Personal Favorites

Since young, Hellbat loves to make believe he is a cruising jet plane. 

OK you may go and play now. But please be home by sundown.

Where have you been all day long? You're late for your daily hibernation!

Walk like an Egyptian. This is the only pose that requires him to lean against the wall. 

Bonus Photos!

Hellbat will form the right arm of super robot Liokaiser.  

The external super robot hand is connected between Hellbat's legs.  

And due to the extreme hollowness of the robot legs aka super robot arm, Hellbat's minion Komoribreast can be connected to provide more mass to the arm.

Note: The design of this external super robot hand is NOT FINAL. I might tweak it furher to improve its functionality. 

Bonus Video!

This one's for you guys that took the time to scroll all the way here (assuming you did enjoyed my photos during your way down). Thanks for watching!

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  1. Wow nice job, can't wait till the next one


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