Thursday, June 2, 2016

LEGO Jallguar from Breastforce team Part 1 of 2: Buggy mode and robot transformation

Jallguar turns into a Baja type Bunny with an overhead weapons. As a member of Breastforce team, he forms the torso of super robot Liokaiser.


One word: Damn! This is the most complicated and taxing builds of all the 6 Breastforce members. As the torso and thighs for Liokaiser, I must implement a fairly strong pelvis joint for the super robot mode. 

The original toy (top left)  has stubby looking weapons which I dislike. So I changed that to  longer cannons. As for their color, I must do away with the red since these cannons are part of Liokaiser's thighs so my chosen color (white/light gray) must be consistent. 

The red tips on the 2nd pair of cannons will be the connection points for combiner legs: Killbison and Drillhorn 

Jaguarbreast is the beast companion for Jallguar. It will become his hand held weapon.

From the back and what's under the vehicle, you can see the wheels are connected to a triple hinged tube joints. Such joints allowed great flexibility to adjust the height of the vehicle rear . And they can be easily configured to tuck in nicely at the back of robot mode  (and also super robot torso mode) too!  

Jaguarbreast's hind legs will form cannon barrels (that's why it doesn't have paws)

When in good mood, Jallguar takes his lil' pet for a joyride

Jaguarbreast's Integration with Vehicle 

This feature (or tweak) was made possible even without any deliberate changes to the vehicle mode  . Jaguarbreast's ball jointed forelegs can be folded in such a way that it's possible for them to be pegged onto the studs on top of the vehicle . 

With Killbison

Killbison was the first Breastforce member I revealed 2 months ago.

Say hi to Killbison's minion, Bisonbreast!

With Masterpiece Wheeljack and Prowl

Transformation to Robot 

The cannons folded to become the legs. The red cannons will end up at the soles.

Unfolding the arms. Notice the unhinged black flaps on the side  (helps to secure the structure of the vehicle mode to prevent wobbling)

Stand him up. You can see how the multi-hinged wheel mechanisms are folded to the back of the robot. 

The grilled flaps on the side of the waist can be folded out to add mass to the pelvis,thanks to the mini ball joints!

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