Sunday, September 4, 2011


About Me

Generally, I am a not-so-young guy in age, but very young at heart (and some say, in outlook too!). Maybe it's due to my passion for LEGO playing and collecting Transformers toys. 

I hail from a small town (or to be precise, New Village) named Jinjang Utara in Malaysia, a British resettlement plan back in the 50s and 60s to isolate us from the influence of the communist. As a pretty chubby boy, I was pretty nerdy as a kid, preferring to stay off anything that requires socialising or sports.

One of my life changing moments is not LEGO  though, but introduction to computers when I was 14. Picking up BASIC and its variants at record speed  with minimal access to tutors , I spent even more time in the computer lab after school till I finish my secondary school in SM Jinjang (my secondary school). LEGO back then were luxury  items, so I mostly bought the "cheaper" vehicle sets.  And as for official Transformers product... I had JUST TWO: Headmaster Bullhorn and G2 Grimlock (grimmy is still here, albeit with a limp arm ).

My philosophy in life

I am pretty much a simple person with an even simpler life, likes everything from the 70's and 80's (especially the music). I believe the secret of happiness lies in reliving the times and feelings of my happiest days, and to many of us, that would be during our childhood - the most stress-free period. For example, listening to song we once hummed to when we were small, or simply, playing with the toys we used to play.

As much as we are constantly struggle with the stresses from work and studies, we ought to also compensate by spending equal amount of time indulging in whatever that made us happy and feel contented.

"You are as young as how you feel"


  1. Hi, Glad to know that you're the Lego Fan of Malaysia. Hardly to find someone with a passion on Lego. I had seen your creations of all your Lego transformer. It really cool and awesome. I do have a Mocpages account.

  2. Hi Alan. My son and I have found your blog and it's very cool. My son also has a Lego blog. Feel free to participate in the Lego Helicopter challenge:

  3. hi Marcel!

    Thanks for visiting. I'm pretty busy so far to indulge in serious MOC activities. Been unboxing a few sets for a quick indulgement and its back to real life (like work!)

  4. HI Alan! I'm a big fan of your work, and have just finished putting together the Future Flyers mecha you designed. Looks pretty impressive - so keep up the good plasticky work! hehe


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