Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nitrotrux wins UIP Facebook contest....

... consolation prize that is (together with 9 other talented participants) . Nitrotrux is one of my submissions to UIP (United Intl. Pictures) Malaysia Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon movie contest. (below).

As someone not formally educated in the field of arts/graphic design, not too bad eh! :)  

Anyway, the consolation prize consist of:

  • Cyberverse Sentinel Prime
  • two hand sanitizers ( yep....)
  • Transformers 3:DOTM movie poster
  • Car sticker
  • And 4x complementary free passes to all UIP movies tagged with an astericks (those that will end their run in cinema soon)

Nitrotrux was traced, then enhanced using a real life Transformers MOC  of mine, Ultra Magnus! (below).

Currently , that hold photo gallery of  Ultra Magnus is down. However, I have a backup gallery located in, another trusty website to upload LEGO creations. (below)

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