Sunday, April 3, 2016

LEGO Guyhawk from Breastforce team Part 2 of 2: Robot and combiner arm mode

If you're new here, do check out Part 1 to see the fighter jet mode of this MOC and how it transform.

Done? OK let's move on to view photos of the Guyhawk's robot mode.

Your Eyes are NOT fooling you!
If you had viewed Guyhawk's transformation photos earlier in Part 1 , you might notice his head's plume was orange in color but now it's yellowish gold here.  That's because after those photos were taken, I took a break and went to the mall to buy Cole's Dragon  just to acquire the yellow plume part . I only have black and white color of such part in my inventory  . (The orange colored one came from Nexo Knight's set which I hastily bought  few days ago to get that part too, thinking orange would made a good alternative. It's not!). .

Notice the hinged nosecone is pointing upwards for a better looking kibble.

The folded stabilizers / tailfins on the side of legs are a must.

The jet engines now become bongo drums on his bum.

There's a lot going on his shoulder (the white spurs and hinged "fingers"). Those are connection point to Leozack to form the combiner Liokaiser .  The white spurs are required as a padding to "push up" Liokaiser's shoulder or else his shoulders will sag and he will look dumb.

Hawkbreast as Weapon

Murphy's Law hit me again! I've forgotten to design his minion Hawkbreast to be able to interface with the robot arm/hands and wield it as a weapon!! There are no studs whatsoever on the robot arms at all!

After wiping my sweat and fiddle about with them for 15 minutes.......

..eureka! All is not lost! From above, you can see the c-clip claws from Hawkbreast's feet can connect with  Guyhawk's  palm  Cheers! 

Hawkbreast as Loyal Pet

 So now I'm experiencing the Reverse-Murphy's-Law (read: Anything can turn out right, will turn out right). Having Hawkbreast perched on Guyhawk's shoulder was not preplanned. (I usually plan the robot poses on-the-fly during photoshoot with whatever props nearby).  

I'm pleased to discover there is a space on the robot shoulder hinges for Hawkbreast's claw to clip on (below)

Hawkbreast as Breast

The studs on the robot chest allows for Hawkbreast to be pegged securely. 

Initially the hawk's feet were meant to be folded and hidden into the hollow space inside the  robot chest, but that space has been taken over by the landing gears which I implemented in the final days before I put a closure to this MOC.  

When not deploying his minion, he still kick asses with his hand-to-hand combat skills.

Hawkbreast as Breast Mode B

This mode was "discovered" by accident actually! Simply fold out the hawk's wings and point them upwards. I prefer this mode actually but it hinders the arms' articulation on the shoulder.

"You're gonna lose, my tiny organic lifeforms!"

This prop was unlucky to be within my reach. 

"Bring me to your master!"

With Killbison

Do check out Killbison's photo gallery in my blog if you haven't already!  

Even though they're from the same team, both their vehicle modes are complete opposite of each other. One is an anti-aircraft tank and another is the jet plane. 

Combiner Arm

The external hand component are tucked between the robot legs. 

Hawkbreast can be integrated into this mode and helps to bulk up the hollow arm.

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