Monday, April 2, 2018

LEGO Transformer Delorean Time Machine Part 1 of 2: Vehicle Mode

This MOC is my rendition of the iconic vehicle from Back To The Future Movie Franchise

Initially I planned to build this vehicle sometime during the second half of this year . Suddenly I discovered  a LEGO Transformers building challenge for the exact same vehicle last month . Without any hesitations, I immediately hopped in and join the fun! 


My MOC (left) compared with the officially Licensed LEGO Ideas set of this time machine (right)


 I do not have access to any black hose to enhance the car front, so I resorted to mimicking the hose by using other rounded / tubular and even claw-like LEGO parts.

I forgotten to place orders for gray fenders to grace my built here. The black colored ones you see above used to be placeholders. ah well..! They do look like hose from afar... I guess.

The hoses on the rear are flexible enough to be bent from the side to the car roof without buckling the connecting ends.

The opening vehicle hood is part of the transformation need initially. Might as well add more details inside while I'm at it. This is one of the little things that pleases me: "unintentional design"  during my building process.

Opening Car Door/ Gull wings!

I looove how the wings turned out. The curvature require multiple hinges. 

However, the design for the swivel mechanism to raise the wing are quite delicate: By means of a single c-clip connector on each side.

The rear of the vehicle used to expose the robot knee hinges. I finally decided to cover that with a panel of lights and yellow tile. This panel shall end up on the butt of the robot mode in quite an awkward manner.

Side by side comparison of the vehicle's side views.

With Thingamajig on the Hood

In the movie, there's a rectangular shaped device strapped on the vehicle. I shall implement that as well. This device will come in handy in robot mode later on!

Transformation Commences

Let's move on to Part 2: Robot Mode.

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