Wednesday, April 4, 2018

LEGO Transformer Delorean Time Machine Part 2 of 2: Robot Mode

Introducing Chrono Swindler the Delorean Time Machine Transformer! Read on to find out why I name him so...

This  LEGO Creation is my "accidental" homage to Swindler , a micro Transformer Toy from G1 Transformers series from the 80's. As you can see below, Swindler transforms into a Gray Delorean as well  and was a member of the Autobot Race Car Patrol 

By the way, you might wish to check out Part 1 of this project where most of the vehicle mode photos are located.  


I shall be publishing a video of this creation around middle of April to youtube channel at . You will get to see how I transform this creation. Do subscribe my channel !

Robot Mode

My failure in implementing a windshield on the vehicle mode for this creation turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The vehicle front pillars can be repositioned to latch on to his shoulder ball joint parts. However, such a connection is "illegal" .

The vehicle rear pillars  collapse inwards and the hoses are flexible enough to allow that. This would make the toes more prominent .

He's quite a poser..

With weapon

The device mounted on the  vehicle front turns into a weapon to be held in robot mode.

After trying out undies / crests of various color , I think he looks best wearing a red one.

One of my greatest fun and challenge while building him was the design of the gullwings. 

I've just updated my Youtube Channel with video of this creation, where you see how it's transformed:

I hope you guys enjoyed my works as usual. Thanks for the support ! 


  1. My god I love it! This is honestly amazing!

  2. One thing, can your Moc be a fusion of swindiler and the autobot gigawatt? i mean like its phisicly a homage to swindiler but his alt mode a homage to gigawatt which turns into the mandolorian.

  3. Can you show us how you made it? I've always wanted to make something like this myself

  4. Whoa this is really something else! This is incredible!


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