Tuesday, April 17, 2018

LEGO Pacific Rim Jaeger Challenge Dioxide from Malaysia

To commemorate the showing of Pacific Rim 2: Uprising movie, I have decided to join in the fun with other fellow mecha builders , by building a Jaeger! And this is my second offering of the 3 in plan. (click here to view the first one)

Challenge Dioxide

"Challenge Dioxide" represents my home country Malaysia together with Dentuman Maksima, my first Jaeger completed few weeks ago.

His primary color (blue) with a tinge of yellow are the colors of Malaysia's flag aka Jalur Gemilang.

His huge footprint can generate tidal waves up to 50 feet tall to disorient his enemies. 

Primary Weapon

Dual barreled cannons on each of his arms can emit high temperature laser blasts.

Secondary Weapon

Missile racks unfolded from his back can shoot 8 missiles simultaneously each one with a max range of 1 km and payload of 1.2 tonne.

No, that's not Pikachu latching on to his back.

To see what else I have created plus  other surprises related to Jaegers and Pacific Rim,  please click here :)

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