Thursday, April 26, 2018

LEGO Pacific Rim Jaeger Combiner MerDeCha from Malaysia!

This is the finale to my LEGO Jaeger project that started about 2 months ago to commemorate Pacific Rim 2.

MerDeCha is a combined mode from the 3 LEGO Jaegers I built earlier. The term MerDeCha is not just a name formed  from the prefixes of those 3 Jaegers, but also a portmanteau of  Merdeka + Mecha. Merdeka means Independence in Malay Language, the National Language of my country Malaysia.

The color scheme of this Combiner follows the colors of Malaysia's Jalur Gemilang, our national flag.

If you would like to see more individual photos and writeups on  each jaegers above, click on the following links:

The photos  above with all three of them inside was really really taxing to set up. When I done making one pose in my preferred way, another toppled  down and even the black background panel collapsed as well.

Initiating DeCha Protocol!

Challenge Dioxide lower body splits into two to form combiner arms and shoulders.

The head unravel from the back of this Jaeger

Moving on to Dentuman Maksima, the photos you see in his individual blog entry  is different a bit from the ones you see here.  I was forced to make subtle modifications to his backpack and also his arm to allow merging to take place. 

DeCha Protocol Completed Successfully!

I was suprised this "halfway" mode is poseable judging from the heavy top.

Initiating MerDeCha Protocol!

Being the last Jaeger I built from this team of 3, he is my favorite of all!  Merah Putih will split into 2 halves to form the legs.

The Technic connectors implementation here allowed for knee articulations , but the combined mode is too top heavy for any knee bending poses to take place.

 MerDeCha Protocol Completed Successfully!

You might notice alot of panels  hindering  the knees from being bent, but actually those small panels  be folded /swiveled out of the way when he needs to take a dump or sit.

Finally. Action shots!

If you look carefully, the right shoulder ball joint is weakening and  started to buckle a lil...

And this really happened ... it finally gave way and fell off.

What a close call! This minifig almost got squashed there. By the way,  he survived with minor scratches.

It's really been a miraculous journey to complete this Jaeger /combiner project. Again,  thank you for dropping by and view my hard work!!! 


  1. WOW! With Leokaiser, this is your best project! I didn't notice at first sight that they can combine, usually one can spot it immediately! GOOD JOB MAN !!! ;)

  2. This home made combiner is perfect, its A mix of pacific rim jagers and the transformer concept of combining.I wonder if you can make a Tf compiner simalar to the way you made this moc,I sugest Tripticus since he made out of three tf and can help out liokaiser agenst autobots/maximals.


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