Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LEGO "former" Targetmaster Pointblank

Just like Misfire being my favorite jet-mode G1 Transformer,  then Pointblank would be my favorite sporty land mode equivalent. There's something really unique I can't put my finger on , about his alternate mode (cartoon version) that makes him stand out from the rest of the speedsters in G1 Transformers Cartoon Series . 

However, I found his toy ,even his vehicle mode to be too bulky and rugged  (below).

So I decided to aim for a sleek sports car mode as a criteria. The original toy's rear engine detaches to be mounted on his arm... thats partsforming! ( pet peeve for me) This issue shall be addressed in my LEGO Pointblank .

And oh yes... Original Pointblank in Transformers Universe was a Targetmaster, where a human-like figure transform to become a gun for his to hold. I decided not to implement this feature, hence the use of the term "former" Targetmaster. =)

Choosing the right toned light blue for this project was a chore. There's medium blue, medium azure and dark azure. But no single color has all the parts type that I need ,especially the wedge plates and tiles. I ended up using different toned parts (the new 2x2 LEGO wedge plates are very useful here)

He's minifig scaled, but can't accommodate anyone inside.

The rifle with handle folded in,ready to connect onto the vehicle roof.

The jumper tile on top of the windshield is gray in color because it doesn't come in needed light blue.

The original Pointbank toy from the 80's has flame-decals on its side. That reminds me of similar flame motive found in earlier Ninjago sets which I owned before. I immediately look for those parts and apply them here. That's why the flame decals you see above are pointing to the wrong direction. But it's better than having plain solid colored rear, I guess.  


Things looked pretty packed underneath the vehicle. The gray studs almost scrape the ground , with just about 2mm of clearance. Those studs are necessary to peg in the detachable car engine in robot mode. 

Raise the arms up. The rear engine can be rotated...

... and then folded away to add mass to the robot butt. By the way, I managed to collapse the side of the vehicles all the way to become the back of his legs thanks to a thin piece found in LEGO turntables . Anything thicker just wouldn't do!: 

Thanks to the flexible mixel ball joints again, a portion of the windshield can be folded away and tucked  to the side/ back of the robot. This is a similar technique I used in my earlier works, Crosshairs

Since he has a black crotch and thighs, that's the reason why I apply a Nexo Knight crest there, which looks almost similar to the design from his original toy.

After noticing how his thighs failed to stand out in a black background, I decided to switch it to white for the remaining part of the photos.

Robot Mode

The rear engine can be detached to be mounted on his arm. This also will release the waist articulation .

Now with the white background, the fins on the engine mounted on his arm might not be so visible. A small price to pay I guess.

Ready for Battle

Just in case you didn't notice, I prefer the head from his cartoon/animated version (with a blade-like thingy on top of his head) , compared to antennae on the side. Initially I tried to apply a rubbery LEGO claw on his head but it kept popping out during transformation due to poor clearance . 

What you see as my final choice is a LEGO minifig-scaled pistol, pegged directly with the barrel pointing AWAY from his head. (What an irony to his name Pointblank!)

Say Cheese, Everyone!

Say hie to Pointblank's two other ex-Targetmaster peers: Crosshairs and Sureshot!

And standing next to him is LEGO Back to the Future Delorean: Chrono Swindler


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  2. This is insanely good, holy crap. You're genius!


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