Tuesday, April 24, 2018

LEGO Pacific Rim Jaeger Merah Putih from Malaysia

To commemorate the showing of Pacific Rim 2: Uprising movie, I have decided to join in the fun with other fellow mecha builders , by building a Jaeger! And this is my third offering of the 3 in plan. New here?   Do check out  the first one and  second one before proceeding.

Merah Putih

"Merah Putih" means Red White in Malay language. He is part of a team of 3 Jaegers from my home country Malaysia.  His other 2 peers ,which I completed recently, are:

Just like the other 2 Jaegers I made, the color scheme of Merah Putih is paying homage to Jalur Gemilang , the national flag of Malaysia. 

His primary offensive are Thermal Punches, where both his hands can generate very high temperature of heat  and  dissolving even the strongest metal they landed on.

Secondary Weapons

His shoulder mounted cannons shoot pellets of highly explosive material that will detonate on impact. At full capacity, he has the ability to store 8000 of such pellets inside him.

Secondary Weapon

The Megaflamer flame-thrower can temporarily replace his head to aim and shoot flames of up to a distance of 1.1 km  in a short burst of 25 seconds before he needs to recharge again.

To see what else I have created plus  other surprises related to Jaegers and Pacific Rim,  please click here :)

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