Tuesday, March 27, 2018

LEGO Pacific Rim Jaeger Dentuman Maksima from Malaysia

To commemorate the showing of Pacific Rim 2: Uprising movie, I have decided to join in the fun with other fellow mecha builders , by building a Jaeger!


"Dentuman Maksima" represents my home country Malaysia and it means maximum crasher/rumble  in Malay language .

His primary color with a tinge of yellow and blue are the colors of Malaysia's flag aka Jalur Gemilang.

Hack, Slash and Crash

His primary weapons are his wrist mounted cannons that double up as very sharp claws.

Secondary Weapon

His chest opens to reveal even more powerful cannons.  If you are curious why his chestplate opens in such a "complicated" manner, drop by my blog again next week to see his other gimmicks utilising such design.


This ultimate weapon will ensure kaiju's imminent death with huge blades popping out from his blade to administer the final blow.

To see what else I have created plus  other surprises related to Jaegers and Pacific Rim,  please click here :)


  1. Can you make a gypsy danger I've never been able find one with the right head

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