Monday, March 5, 2018

LEGO "former" Targetmaster Crosshairs

Crosshairs transform into a futuristic yet rugged land vehicle with big wheels. 

The reason why he was chosen by me is because the original toy of him looks pretty simple. I was almost done building him in about a week at the end of last year, and focused on other new projects while waiting for the right time to finalize and publish this project.

About this Project

Just like my LEGO Sureshot published 2 months ago, my LEGO Crosshairs is not bestowed with  Targetmaster feature. To make up for that, I designed his rifle that could be mounted /rotated at the top of his vehicle mode.

Instead of just fenders like in the original toy, I decided to apply blue transparent tile on the front to act as headlights for the vehicle.

The decision to connect the weapons behind his car hood is a practical one: To secure the back of the vehicle from wobbling, coz that's where the robot legs convert into.

The gray colored thingy near the rear wheels are last minute implementations to secure robot mode heels,

The white teeth-like parts at the center underneath the vehicle mode helps to secure both the front and back component. That's where the waist joint is located.


Unlatch the white teeth to release waist rotation.

Rotate the leg panels 180 degree.

Wheels are swivelled to form the heels. Here, a black spur at the back of the calves, can be flipped out to connect to the earlier mentioned gray parts to secure the heels.

Stand him up, the partial vehicle front panels folded to the back and the arms are folded out.  Unlike the original toy with no elbow joints, I decided to have the forearm elbows to rotate 180 degrees here. 

To prevent the leg panels from wobbling out of place when posed later on, spurs are flipped out near the ankle and knees to secure the panels in place. 

I implemented a stopper (P) using transparent cheese wedge inside the legs to limit the articulation of the L-shaped knee joints. This is to prevent the joint from going all the way down and reduce the length of the legs when standing up.

Almost Done!

The light gray studs on his legs are connectors to mount his weapons in vehicle mode earlier.

He's decent, but I'm still not satisfied. Hmmm...

From Fatass to Badass!

Despite Crosshairs from G1 Transformers series officially having a chunk of vehicle hood /windshield as his chest and belly, I still prefer my Cybertronian warriors to be fitter in proportions. That spurred me to improve the character /design further.

Before and after tummy tuck transformation.

The mass from the vehicle hood now located snugly on his back, with minimal impact to silhouette.

Now that's more like it!

Robot Mode

With his increased confidence level, he's ready to hit the club and chat up a fembot or two.

Battle Ready

The rifle grip can be rotated to allow it to be pegged onto /held by either hands.

With Sureshot

Sureshot was a Targetmaster just like Crosshairs, don't forget to check him out too in my blog link here!

He finally Proposed!

Thanks for dropping by! Video of this creation coming soon in my Youtube Channel! In the meantime, please follow me on Instagram for more latest updates! 

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